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Friends, I have been blogging for four years, some people have asked questions related to Adsense, which I have answered in detail:-

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1. Is it necessary to have a laptop PC computer for Google Adsense, Android device cannot work?

google adsense Approval is available on the blog or website. Any blog Or if you make a website, then it has to be updated continuously. There is a need to constantly write blogs and update the data. For this, no one can update blog posts from their mobile. For this a desktop or laptop is desperately needed. All this work is not possible with Android mobile.

2. Where and how to copy and paste the code of Adsense on the blog?

google adsense To place an ad on your blog, you must have an account verified by Adsense. Log in to your Google-verified Adsense account. There, enter the URL of your Google-verified blog. For this an approved Adsense account will be required. If you don’t have an approved account, you won’t be able to.

Now a very smart feature of Adsense has arrived. In which you only have to put a code in the header of the site. Rest of the common Adsense which will run auto ads on your blog or website. The auto add feature is pretty smart. It will only show ads relative to your blog. There are many other great features of this add-on, which I will explain in detail in a separate post.

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3. Can I run more than one Adsense account?

google adsense It has a policy that no person can create more than one Adsense account of any person. Because it is considered a violation of Google’s AdSense policy. Even if any person changes the name and creates it by changing the e-mail, then Google catches it. He does not approve it.

But if someone also wants to create more than one account, then it can be created in the name of any near by relative. And he can make it in the name of family or parents or his brother and use it. But we believe that if you are a good and smart digital marketer, then you do not need more than one Adsense account.

One of the famous digital marketer of India Harsh Agarwal You must have heard the name. He has earned about ₹ 35 lakh from his single Adsense account.

4. How to know how many Adsense accounts are there in our name?

If you don’t know how many in your name google adsense There is an account. It is very easy to find out. How many Gmail accounts do you have in your name or do you have only one Gmail account? Or a single email account Is. If you apply for an Adsense account from New Gmail, then you get a reply from Google that you already have an Adsense account in your name. And some letter of mail ID of that account is given.

But If someone has created another account in your name, then to verify it, they will have to give your address which is identity proof to them. They will also have to verify the bank account in your name. Only then that account will be verified.

In today’s date, anytime you give your identity card in front of anyone in the form of a photo copy, then you must write at the bottom, for what work you are giving this photo copy and make a sign there.

5. How do you check how much money YouTube has transferred to Adsense in the current month?

It is very easy through your youtube google adsense How much money has been transferred to the account. You login to your Adsense account, there on the left side of the page you will find Reports option is available. If you click on the top of the reports, you will get the detail in which month you have got how much. It’s not a big deal. You go and login to your Adsense account and from there go to the report and check it.

6. How to find Google Adsense account if you have forgotten?

if you google account NS adsense You have forgotten the details i.e. forgot the User ID and Password. If you have already created an email id and must have done a password for login with it. Remember how many email ids you have. If you have one or two email ids then you are trying to login to adsense by entering the email id as user-id in full there, and you are not able to log in there is option where you email If you enter the ID, then the Aadhar Aadhar link will be sent to Adsense on that e-mail and from there you can put another password according to your convenience and from this and from there it will be known whether you have Adsense in your name or not.

7. How to bring traffic to Google Adsense?

google adsense There is no need to bring traffic in, because Google Adsense which is a monetization tool. Where you add Google Adsense from any or any YouTube channel, there is no such platform where we have to bring traffic direct from the net, which is a subsidiary of Google itself, which is arjoo above or anyone else to place the ad on top of them. There is a Google Adsense account, then if someone does Kishan or any YouTube channel does it, then he makes his views on YouTube channels and from there the earning which is generated or whatever amount is generated from the blog is ours. google adsense appears in the account. In Google Adsense, we do not need to bring direct traffic, you have to bring traffic on top of the blog or on the website or on your YouTube channel.

8. How to put Google Adsense on your website for free?

as soon as possible on your blog adsense account If you want to get approved, then you have to follow the term and condition of Google Adsense. What is its main term and condition, you can read through this link. So that Google Adsense can give Adsense approval of your blog or website as soon as possible.

If you want to get Adsense approved on your website or blog, then all their term in condition should be OK on your website or blog. There are many such blogs or websites, which contain such content, which they cannot monetize.

There are some countries where they do not serve Adsense ads. There are many such languages ​​as well. to whom google adsense does not support. But if you follow all these rules. So if you have a blog or a website or a YouTube channel, then you can take the approval of Google Adsense there. If you want to get the approval of Google Adsense, then you read this blog of ours, then you will get a lot of knowledge from here that how you can easily do it in less time. google adsense You can take the approval and generate revenue sitting at home.

If you want to get approval on your blog in less time, then at least there should be 20 posts on your blog. Only then you get the approval of Google Adsense. And that too should not be someone’s cut copied content, it should be your own content.

we hope we adsense We have tried our best to answer your questions related to it in detail. Which will give you more benefit. Don’t forget to share this post.