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YouTube Channels Without Show Your Face in 2022 Hello friends, YouTube Earning money is not a big deal but working with patients is not easy. many many Creators Doesn’t want to show face. That’s why we have brought such a niche, without face visible, you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month, someone can grow the channel by working hard in their voice. Niche But even sound is not needed, you can work, so let’s start.

YouTube Channel Without Show Your Is face monetized?

If you do not have confidence to show face on YouTube but want to earn from YouTube. There is no need to panic, you can make a visible channel without face. Now you must have come to mind whether Google will be monetized with AdSense. Of course Monetize It will happen but there should be no Copyright Video or Strick. We have mentioned below on which channel you can earn more by working. But about the topic on which interest is Research Tax and start making videos.

Educational Update

as much as 10th, 12th To those Future What to do in education. Confusion lives. If you have the right knowledge of education, then you can guide the students by creating a channel. Can you tell the student which course has more scope.

education youtube channel

Software Tutorial

There is a lot of hard work on this topic. If you grow the channel, you can earn money in many ways, you provide software knowledge for free. If you tell on YouTube channel then you can easily earn money. like Photoshop, Philmora You can upload videos on such software.

software youtube channel


in your country of India Historical place and History There is no shortage. If you have interest in history, then you can give information. on google Copyright Free Images And Vides go in. in your voice Video Record You can upload it on the channel. If Content Idea You can read books to get it out and explain in your own way.

history youtube channel

YouTubers Drama

Controversy I really enjoy watching videos. YouTubers Drama Meaning in creator on both youtube Controversy Here, due to the controversy, it is explained in short, how videos are made. neon man of in Channel can see.

youtube drama

Home Remedies

If you search for home remedies on YouTube, then millions of views come on videos. Think how much you can earn with ₹0 investment. If you have knowledge of Ayurvedic then you can upload it by making a video.

Home remedies

Celebrity Life

This is the easiest and growing channel, not much effort is required on this topic. You Celebrity Lifestyle You will get it by searching Google, apart from this, there are interviews of big stars, you will get the contact but you will get it. thumbnail Made like this, if anyone sees, then definitely click on it.

celebraties life youtube channel

Politics News

What’s going on in the news channel shows the politics. People who are doing jobs. Most do not have time to watch politics news, so they search on YouTube while traveling. You can tell on the channel by covering news politics.

news channel


If your friend ever got demotivated, then you must have been motivated. In this way many people get demotivated every day. If you have confidence and voice, then you can definitely make motivational videos. At least, sometimes Sandeep Maheshwari If the channel is seen, then the views go to the Million. But tell on Sandeep Maheshwari’s channel Ads They are not visible because they do not want any distraction while watching the video.


Business Case study

If you tell me for information, then hurry up on less videos on these channels. Grow can do. The best topic is, in this, how can D-Mart grow business, how many such ways can tell about the business. You will get news about them. So Images And Videos You will get all this for free on the website.

business youtube channel

Fact Channel

The fact topic is also good but the competition has increased, so you will have to do research, you cannot lie in this. You have to show videos and images, then people will like to see you, you have to find such facts that people enjoy watching.

Fact youtube channel


If New Places If you want to visit, you must have searched on YouTube, on this you can give information through video. How are you place in the video How much does traveling cost. Can tell all the information. But the information should be correct then Subscribe will do.

places youtube channel

Love Tips

Many people love but do not know how to impress. Breakup also happens with him, you can give him tips on how to solve the problem. In lakhs even on such topics Views come. Just tell the ways in your voice you can grow very soon.

love tips


If you make good animation, then you can make a video and upload it to YouTube. You must know how much little children like animation cartoons. If you watch animation videos, then 30 to 40 million views come. There is a little cost on such a channel but the result is also good.


Pets & Animals

In today’s time, they want to buy stomach but what is their shortage, what food should be fed to them is not known. That’s why you can tell all these information about how to take care by creating a channel, which food you feed.

pet youtube channel

Movie Review

Everyone likes to watch movies, from children to elders. after you movie release Search Definitely do.. If you make a channel of movie review, what is the story in that movie, how much is the ticket of the movie, you can tell that there is no dearth of contact on this channel because new movie comes every week.

movie review

Government Jobs News

on this topic Blog Website You can also earn by making. You have to give news related to government jobs by creating a YouTube channel and can send visitors to the website. Google AdSense Earning will be done with the help of. good on such topic CPC will get.


Book Summary

if you Entrepreneur If you like to read books about it, then you can make videos. No one likes to read but it’s great to listen through videos if you need an idea how to make a video Great Idea Great Life You can watch the channel.

book summary youtube channel

Quotes Channel

If you want to make video without voice Quotes You can create a channel. so good to you Quotes Looking for good video Video Quality Create and upload. Kinemaster will be the fastest to become a video. always take care Copyright Free Music is to use.



in today’s article 15+ such topics Withought Show Face YouTube Channel Tell us about which 6 to 8 months working Earning can start. That’s why you start making quality videos, your channel must be Grow If you like it, then definitely share it with your friends.

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