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If you want to know that Apni Name Ringtone kaise banaye aur download kare then you are at right place. Today we will know how to make your calling name ringtone.

we often sometimes calling if we do name ringtone Sounds like for example “Mr. Ajay please pick up the phone”. when we are like this ringtone with name When we listen, we often get into thinking man, how is such a name ringtone made, and how do we make apne name ringtone.

If you are also thinking of making your name ringtone, then don’t worry, your brother will tell you that apne naam ki ringtone download kaise kare.

Name Ringtone Free Download :

Friends, whenever we call someone, the tune that is heard in the phone is the caller tune and the tone that plays while ringing in the phone is called ringtone. If you want to make your name ringtone or callertune, then there are two ways.

Both the methods are very easy, if you are thinking that with the help of any tool or software, this type of ringtone is made, then these things are very old now. There are many such apps on the play store, with the help of which you can easily make your name ringtone.

If you want to make this type of ringtone with name even without app, then you can download it by making ringtone of your name with the help of website.

my name ringtone download

How to make My Name Ringtone?

Friends, there are many websites for making name ringtones but I will tell you here. top three name calling ringtone website I will tell you about in hindi, on which you can easily share your name ringtone by making download can do.

Plus you get free ringtone making android apps I will also tell about this, from which you can make your own ringtone. You can use any of the apps or websites mentioned below your name ringtone Can make for free.

Love Ringtones Download for Android & iPhone

1. Fdmr – My Name Ringtone Maker

fdmr From Apni Name ki ringtone banana Very easy. Millions of name ringtones are already available on this website. Which you can download for free and install it on your mobile. All you have to do is visit the FDMR website and search for your name ringtone.

As if your name is Vijay, then you have to search on this site only by typing vijay name ringtone. Now you will get to download many ringtones of your name, you can download whatever name ringtone you like and make your ringtone.

If you do not find your name ringtone here, then you can request to make ringtone. Your request will be approved within 24 hours and you will get your name free ringtone download will get to do.

Official Website

2. Prokerala Name Ringtones Download Site:

Another website to make my name ringtone is prokerala. Millions of name ringtones will be available to download on this website. If you are not getting your name ringtone then you can visit this website where you will get to download your name ringtone.

Downloading name ringtones on this website is absolutely free. All you have to do is search for your name ringtone and many ringtones of your name will be available like please pick the phone, your phone is ringing etc etc. If you want, you can also check by playing your name ringtone before downloading.

Official Website

3. Zedge

There is a huge collection of ringtone and wallpaper on this website. You will find every type of ringtone on this website. If you want to download your name ringtone, then this website is very useful for you.

On this website you will get to download name ringtone free for your Android and iPhone. This website is as old as it is popular. There are millions of free ringtones available on this website.

Official Website

4. Ringtone Maker

This website is very cool to make Name Ringtone. It is also quite easy to use it. First of all you have to open this website. After opening, you have to save the recording of the voice with the name of which you want to make ringtone on your phone.

After that you have to upload the voice on this website. After uploading, setup your ringtone as you want and click on Make Ringtone, your name ringtone will be ready which you can download and use.

Official Website

5 .Your Name Ringtone to Name Ringtone Download karna

Now the website of the third name ringtone that I am going to tell you here is a paid website from this website. your name ringtone You have to spend some money to download. On this website, apart from Android phone, you will get to download name ringtone for iPhone as well.

You can check the ringtone you like by playing it and if you like the ringtone then you can also download it by paying money. If your name ringtone is not found on this site, then you can also buy it by making your name ringtone.

Official Website

How To Make Your Name Ringtone With Android App:

Our Android Mobile se Apne name To make a ringtone you need a android app download will do what you PLAY STORE can download from. I give you links to two best ringtone making apps, both are very good applications, out of which you can download any and make your ringtone.

1. My Name Ringtone Maker:

This Name Ringtone Android app is a great app to make your name ringtone. You can make your name ringtone in just 3 step. First of all you have to install the app. After installing, open the app.

  1. Enter your preferred name in the textbox.

2. Play it to hear it.

3. Now you can save ringtone in your mobile.

Play Store

2. Ringdroid

Ringdroid is also a great app to make your name ringtone. You can also create your own ringtone with this ringtone app, as well as download alarms and notification tones for free. If you want, you can install this app from Play Store, the link is given below.

Play Store

3. Ringtone maker

With the help of ringtone maker app, you can create any music or convert audio online You can make ringtone. Apart from this, there are millions of ringtones on this app. Which you can download for free.

This app supports mp3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AAC (M4A) / MP4, 3GPP / AMR files. This is the best android app for making ringtones.

Play Store

4. Audiko (My Name Ringtone)

Audiko comes in the list of Top 5 name ringtone Apps for Android. This Android App is the best free ringtone app for Android that lets you add tons of fun customizations to your name ringtone.

You can make your own ringtone through this app and also use pre-built one. But this app only allows you to download free 5 ringtones.

Play Store

5. Zedge (name ringtone)

I have already told you about Zedge. This is a huge website for ringtones. It also has an Android app on which you will get the category of name ringtones. Name ringtone you want to download. Go to the search box and search for that name, you will get your name ringtone which you can download.

Play Store

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Friends, I have given you complete information about best name ringtone website and name ringtone apps. Maybe some good apps have been left out in this list. If you know any such app or website which has its place in this list, then definitely tell us in the comment. We will definitely give it a place in our list of Best Name Ringtones.