bluehost se hosting kaise kharide [ 45% off ] Complete Process 2022 in Hindi.

Are you also a blogger or do you want to become a blogger then that’s why you are searching bluehost se hosting kaise kharide So in today’s post we will tell you bluehost hosting I will tell the complete process of buying so that you can make your website very easily.

Friends, as much as this era is becoming digital, in the same way people are also starting to earn money. People earn a lot of money from online websites, among such a person, I am also the one who earns income by running my own website.

Friends, there are many platforms on the Internet to create your own blog, website, one of them is blogger, where we can create a website for free, but we do not get much benefit in a free website.

That’s why we think that why don’t we buy a web hosting and set-up a blog on WordPress. Good thinking that you want to create a blog on wordpress so you are searching How to Buy Bluehost India hosting in Hindi. I will give you complete information about this in this article.

I am a Hindi blogger and you also want to create a blog on any niche, you must be thinking that a company providing good hosting service. Although there are many hosting companies in the market, but in today’s article we will tell you about how to buy hosting from Bluehost.

Bluehost hosting is good for new bloggers or for people making new websites and it is not good or will give you amazing performance, and this is an Indian company, you can think how good it is.

How to buy hosting of any company, such questions are in the mind of bloggers who have never made a website. But today I will tell you how you buy hosting from people and what are their plans and in what way you can use it.

One thing I would like to say to all of you, read this post completely so that you do not start searching again how to buy hosting from Bluehost. After reading this post you will definitely be able to buy hosting from Bluehost. The features of Bluehost will provide you if we will tell you in this post from which you can buy a good hosting and go ahead and become a successful blogger.

web hosting kaha se kharide ?

When I created the first blog, I bought its domain and hosting from Hostinger. My Hosted by cloud Hindi hostinger. The interface of hostinger is easy to understand for the new blogger.

I would suggest you that if you are going to create a new website then you should make it with the help of Bluehost. Bluehost provides good service. If there is any problem on buying domain and hosting from Bluehost, then you can contact it immediately, which will solve your problem in minutes.

Buying any type of hosting from Bluehost gives a domain for free Which is very good. Now we will tell you the complete setup of how to buy domain and hosting from Bluehost.

bluehost se hosting kaise kharide.

friends now we tell you How to Buy Bluehost hosting in Hindi. You will know that only web hosting does not make a website blog, along with it a domain name is also needed. Domain and hosting together form a website, so if you know all this, then in this post, I have told you how to buy hosting from Bluehost, how you can get a domain name for free with hosting. So don’t worry you are getting a free domain along with buying hosting from Bluehost. So let’s tell you now bluehost se hosting kaise kharide.

  • You will be taken directly to the home page of Bluehost through the link given below. Bluehost

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  • After going to the homepage of Bluehost, if you see US Dollar, then to convert it to Indian Rupee a menu will appear on the homepage of Bluehost, from there you can convert to INR. You can understand from the photo below.bluehost se hosting kaise kharide
  • Now after getting INR, you have to click on Getstarted in Bluehost’s home.bluehost se hosting kaise kharide


  • After the next page is opened, you will get to see the hosting plans of Bluehost. Here you can choose the hosting plan according to you.bluehost se hosting kaise kharide

Now if you are building a new website, then I would advise you to choose the Basic hosting plan. Later, when the website starts getting 500 traffic, then you can upgrade it with another hosting plan.

  website kaise banaye
  • As soon as you select the hosting plan, you will be asked to select the domain name in the next page. In the search box, you enter the domain name of your choice and select it.
bluehost se hosting kaise kharide
  • After selecting the domain name, you have to create an account in Bluehost. You can sign up directly with Google in Bluehost.

If you want to do it manually then see the photo below.

Blog kaise banaye
  • Now after creating an account in Bluehost, you have to see the information about the hosting plan. You will get to see the information about the basic hosting plan where a domain name is available for free.
  • While checking the hosting plan, make sure that the tick on options like domain privacy, codeguard, seo tools has to be removed. After that see the price of hosting plan.
bluehost se hosting kaise kharide
  • The total cost of hosting plan can be 3588 more or less than this. And with this a domain name is available for free. Now submit it by ticking the box below.
bluehost se hosting kaise kharide
  • After pressing the submit button, it will redirect to the page with payment section where you will get to see different payment options like credit card, net banking, UPI. In these ways you can make payment. As soon as you pay the payment, a message will come to your email about the hosting plan.

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  • Now the website building material is available, so now we will install it on WordPress. For this we will login to Bluehost and go to c-panel. You can also go to Bluehost c-panel through sms which came on your email.

WordPress install kaise kare.

After purchasing the hosting plan from Bluehost, an SMS will come to your email containing the URL and users name, password. If you have not received the e-mail then wait for sometime, if still not coming then you can call on the number 1800-419-4426, 0824-2868088 and ask.

  1. Login to c-panel with user name, password.
  2. After coming to the c-panel, a picture of wordpress will appear in the Softaculous App Installer, you have to click on it.
  3. After clicking, you will get to see the latest version of WordPress. Below you will see the option of install, click on it.
  4. Now a new page will open where you have to fill the details properly. Fill the information given below by understanding it step by step.
  5. Choose Protocol : In Protocol, you have to select https://.
  6. Domain Name : While buying the hosting plan, put the domain name you had bought here.
  7. In Directory: You leave it blank.
  8. Site Name : The domain name you have chosen has the same site name as, you have to put cloudhindi in it, you do not have to put .com. Note that you give the name of your website only.
  9. Site Description : Here you have to tell about your website, write what kind of information you are going to give.
  10. Admin User Name : I give you my name. Or you can also name your website.
  11. Admin Password : Make this password very strong.
  12. Admin Email : You give your email.
  13. And click on install. The installation process takes up to 3-4 minutes, you wait. After this, after the installation process is completed, you will see login information in the homepage of WordPress below. Where the domain name and login URL of your website will appear. Now your website is live.
  14. Login to WordPress with that username and password. After login, your dashboard will look as shown in the photo below. From this dashboard you will be able to manage the website.

There is nothing in your website right now, that is, it is completely empty and not well designed, so we design it a little. 45% discount. Buy now

But guys i have covered only in this post Bluehost se hosting kaise kharide That’s why I will not be able to tell how to design a website in this post, you can take the help of YouTube, there are many big video tutorials kept there.

Or do watch the video given below.


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So guys we hope you bluehost se hosting kaise kharide By taking information from the post, you will definitely make your own website on WordPress. If you have any question or question, please ask us in the comment box, we will like it and I will also answer.

And yes friends, you are a blogger, in such a situation, if your other partners want to become a blogger or want to buy some hosting, then definitely share this post with them so that they can also buy hosting from bluehost after reading this post.

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