Complete information about all the tools of Photoshop in Hindi paisanews

Complete information about all the tools of Photoshop in Hindi.. in this tutorial Complete information about all the tools of Photoshop is given in Hindi., And Photoshop Tools How it is used to do Image Editing and what tools are there in Photoshop has also been told about it.

There is a tool box in the left side of Photoshop, it contains all the tools of Photoshop. This Tool Box contains all the tools that are needed for Image Editing and Graphics Design. Tools in Photoshop are divided into 6 categories based on their features.

  1. Selecting Tools
  2. Crop and Slice Tools
  3. Retouching Tool
  4. Painting Tool
  5. Drawing and Typing Tool
  6. Measuring and Navigation Tools

(1) Selecting Tools – Selecting Tools are used to select an object. There are 4 types of tools under this :-

(a) Marquee Tools – Using this, the object can be selected in Rectangular, Elliptical, Single Column, Single Row. Its shortcut key is M.

(b) Move Tool- Move tool is used to select and move the object. Its shortcut key is V.

(c) Lasso Tool- There are 3 types of Lasso tool.

(I) Lasso Tool – Lasso tool is a free hand tool, you can understand it like a pencil. To use it, press the left button of the mouse and the area will be selected wherever you will take the mouse.

(II) Polygonal Lasso – Polygonal Lasso tool is a point to point tool, to use it, click on the left button of the mouse and move the mouse forward, you will see that the back area is getting selected, again click on the left button of the mouse. Keep repeating the same process. If there is a mistake and you want to come back, then press the Delete key. The Polygonal Lasso tool is a point to point tool.

(III) Magnetic Lasso – As the name suggests, this tool acts like a magnet. To use Magnetic Lasso, click on the left button of the mouse and move the mouse forward, this tool will be selected automatically.

(d) Quick Selection Tool- The magic wand tool comes under the Quick Selection Tool, as its name is magic wand (magic wand), its work is also similar. It does color base selection, after selecting this tool, the color you will go to and click on the left button of the mouse, wherever that color is in the whole image, it automatically selects it.

(2) Crop and Slice Tools- In Photoshop, if we want to crop or slice an image, then this work can be done with the help of Crop and Slice Tools.

(a) Crop- It is used to crop the image.

(b) Slice- It is used to make small parts of the image.

(3) Retouching Tool – The Retouching Tool in Photoshop is used to make an image even better. There are 5 tools under its categories.

(a) Spot Healing Brush – Using this, one part of the image is placed in another place, and it gets mixed with the background. To use Spot Healing Brush, select the part to be copied with ALT + Mouse left key. And press the left key where you want to apply.

(b) Clone Stamp – Clone Stamp works just like Spot Healing Brush, the only difference is that the part selected in it does not mix with the background.

(c) Eraser – Eraser Tool is used to erase the image, after erasing the image by Eraser, its background starts appearing.

(d) Blur – The image can be blurred using the Blur Tool.

(e) Dodge- Dodge is used to increase the light in an image and lighten the color.

(4) Painting Tool- Painting Tool is used to paint and color. There are 3 types of painting tools in Photoshop.

(a) Brush – Brush is used for painting in Photoshop.

(b) History Brush – The History Brush is used to make changes in the work done by the brush.

(c) Paint Bucket – If a single color is to be filled in the entire image, then the Paint Bucket is used.

(5) Drawing and Typing Tool – These tools are used for drawing and typing in Photoshop. There are 4 types of Drawing and Typing Tool.

(a) Pen – Pen Tools are used to make pictures in Photoshop, through this you can also cut the image.

(b) Type Tool – If we want to write something in Photoshop, then the Type Tool is used.

(c) Path – Lines and shapes are called paths in Photoshop, and they are usually created with the Pen or Shape tool, so the path tools are used to edit these lines and shapes.

(d) Shape Tool- With their help, different types of shapes like Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, Polygon etc. are created in Photoshop.

(6) Measuring and Navigation Tools- These are mainly of 4 types

(a) Notes – If there is a lot of editing in the image, then we can put notes in the image so that we remember which editing is to be done where.

(b) Eyedropper – It is used to select any color from the image.

(c) Hand Tool – Hand Tool is used to move the image.

(d) Zoom – Zoom is used to zoom in and zoom out the image.


Right clicking on the tool icon which has a small triangle-like symbol in the corner, some hidden tools of that tool are found.