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Hello my dear friends, today I am going to teach you all in this article that we How to Convert Words Using Google Translate? Will give full information about it. And we will teach you all in this lakh how we can do that english to hindi words translate How to do

English To Hindi वर्ड्स को Translate करने की पूरी जानकारी हिंदी में 1
Translate English To Hindi Words

Well friends, many times we are chatting in mobile. And some difficult English word comes. Which we do not know the meaning in our language. In such a situation, by closing your app, you will open the dictionary and if we find the meaning of that word from it, then more time is wasted in it.

Then we think that I wish there was some easy way that we could figure out the meaning of that word without leaving our app.

In this article, we will learn about a very useful feature of Google Translate. GOOGLE TAP TO TRANSLATE With the help of our WHATS APP, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM or even while chatting on any other app english to hindi words translate can do.

How to Install Google Translate App in Mobile?

So in the first step we google translate app How to install in mobile? Will give full details of.

step 1 Friends, here I am using my samsung mobile and you can install this app in any of your mobile. First of all in your mobile PLAYSTORE to click on.


Step-2 when your PLAYSTORE It will open completely, then after that you will get the option of your search. GOOGLE TRANSLATE You have to search by typing. Then you have to install that app in your mobile. And have to open it.

How to Install Google Translator App?

Step-3 When your app is completely installed in your mobile, then after that you have to open that app, when your app will be open, then after that you will see many more types of languages ​​in it, but before knowing about the languages, we will use this app. how to in your mobile ENABLE Will teach you about it.

If you have this app in your mobile ENABLE If you want to do that, then you have to open this app and you will see three sticks and then you have to click on those three sticks.

What is the use of google translate

Step-4 When you click on those three lines, then after that you have to click on the option of setting in it.


Step-5 When you will click on the option of setting and when this option will open completely then you will see three options in it.

How to Convert Words Using Google Translate?
  • In the first option you TAP TO TRANSLATE option of Will see.
  • In the second option you SPEECH INPUT option will appear.
  • In the third option you DATA USAGE The option is visible.

But you have to choose the first option out of these three options. in which you TAP TO TRANSLATE is written. You have to proceed to the next step by clicking on it.

Step-6 when you TAP TO TRANSLATE After clicking on the option of ENABLE When the option of will appear, then you have to click on that option. and when you ENABLE If you click on the option, then you do not have to click on that option again.

How to translate words

Step-7 So when you enable this Google translate app, then after that you have to come to the beginning of Google translator app and then you see many languages ​​in it, so in whatever language you want to get the meaning of the word, then you can use that Select the language and you have to download that language.

Because when you download that language, then you do not have the help of the net to convert the word. Then you can also extract the meaning of any word offline.


Step-8 We have already downloaded the Hindi language in the above step. So now we also learn how to convert any word. So you have to convert the word from wherever you are in your mobile first. So you go to that place and you then select that English word also. And you copy that word again.

English To Hindi Translation Kaise Karen: Translate any Language

Step-9 When you copy the word again you GOOGLE TRANSLATE Go to it and search it by going to the search. And then you will get your answer.

Hindi to english translate

So friends, if you do not understand the meaning of whatever words you like, then with the help of Google Translator, you will be able to extract the meaning of that word very easily.

Friends, if you do not understand anything in this article, then you can also ask your question by commenting us. And we will definitely answer your question. And if you like our article, then share this article with your friends and also ask them to read this article of ours.

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