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Education Thoughts, Quotes, Status in HindiFriends, in today’s time, the world salutes only successful people. If you want to be something in life, if you want to show something, then getting education is very important for that. Education is not only necessary for your good career but it is a weapon to make life better. Great personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Chanakya and Albert Einstein have given thoughts on the role and importance of education. Education brings a positive change in a person’s knowledge, personality and attitude. Today, in this article, we have given some popular education Hindi Thoughts, Quotes and Status on the importance and motivation of such education, which students and other people will get great inspiration for education by reading it.

Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon in the world that can be used to change the world. Wealth, wealth and property can be taken away from a person, but education is such a thing that no one can take away from anyone. Therefore, it is not right to limit education only to a good job. Education is what separates man from other creatures. Education also makes students understand the value of discipline which helps them to achieve any goal in life. Students studying in school and college get frustrated many times, in such a situation the following are given below.Thoughts about Education‘ Will motivate them. He has these quotes for himself Whatsapp Status, Instagram Stories and Facebook But you can also motivate others by sharing.

Education Quotes Thoughts & Status in Hindi

Education is such a weapon…..

Which can change the whole world.

Education Thoughts, Quotes, Status in Hindi
Education Thoughts in Hindi

If you want to shine like the sun…

First learn to burn like the sun: Abdul Kalam

Those who wait only get that much…..

Those who try give up.

To be successful in life, you wish for success.

Your failure rate should be higher.

As long as the purpose of education will be job water….

Till then only servants will be born in the society, not masters.

Dreams are not what you see in your sleep…..

Dreams are those which do not let you sleep.

Mothers and fathers who do not educate their children….

He is like their enemy.

Because educated children are despised like this in the assembly of scholars….

Like a bugle in a gathering of swans.

Nothing is more valuable than education…

It can be achieved only through hard work.

There is no school like a decent home….

And there is no teacher like a virtuous parent.

The right use of time and education makes a person successful.

Motivational Thought on Education in Hindi

Arise, wake up and wait till…

Until you reach your destination.

Thought on Education in Hindi

The one who chooses the path of struggle changes the world.

The one with whom the battle is won in the night, the same shines as the sun in the morning.

Don’t make any opinion about me…

My time will change and your opinion will also change.

Until something is done…..

Until then it seems impossible.

Education is a flight that doesn’t need wings.

It just asks for attention, it doesn’t need to be memorized.

Always keep your dreams alive, if the spark of your dreams is extinguished….

So it means you committed suicide while alive.

When you start believing in yourself…

Then miracles start happening in life.

A person is alone in the struggle…

But the whole world is with you in success.

The birds will get the destination for sure, these spread wings speak…

Those people remain silent often, in those times whose skills speak.

If you were born in a poor house, then it is not your fault in that…

If you die poor then it is your fault.

Educational Quotes & Thoughts for Students

Put your heart, mind and soul into everything even in your small works….

This is the secret of getting success.

Educational Quotes & Thoughts for Students
Educational Thoughts for Students

It doesn’t matter how many times you have lost in life.

Because you were born to win.

Keep learning as long as there is life….

Because experience is the best teacher.

Education is the best friend, an educated person is respected everywhere…

Education beats beauty and youth: Chanakya

The hard work with which you are running today, this will give you success tomorrow.

Throw yourself in this fire, this will make you a diamond tomorrow.

Who has never faced difficulties…..

He never gets to know about his powers.

Education is not preparation for life.

Rather, it is life itself.

A student who asks a question is a fool for 5 minutes…

But one who does not ask, remains a fool all his life.

Every effort teaches us something new, every failure gives a new path….

The one who brings all these together, he one day reaches the pinnacle of success.

The things of the world can be taken away by money and power.

But education can be obtained only through study.

Thoughts on Education: Hindi Thoughts about Education

Work hard so quietly that….

Let success make noise.

thoughts quotes for education in hindi
thoughts for education in Hindi

What is the value of that education?

Which cannot instill in us the passion and fearlessness to right the wrong.

Education without value makes man a clever devil.

When you miss something…

Don’t lose the education you got from him.

It is better to fail to fulfill your dreams at the rate of failure.

Try breaking them.

The person who will do today’s work by making rules….

That person will one day rule the world.

Waking up is the best way to make your dreams come true.

Humans are recognized by deeds only.

Even effigies are worn in expensive clothes in shops.

There are ups and downs in life to move forward.

Because a straight line in the ECG of the heart means we are not alive.

If there is any secret to success…

It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

Friends, we hope that the above Education Thoughts Quotes Status in Hindi? From this, students must have got motivation for education. If you also want to share any thoughts or quotes on education from your side, then you can share it by writing in the comments.