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Hello friends in today’s post we will tell you what is google cloud if you google cloud kya hota hai If you do not know about it, then with the help of this article of ours today you can what is google cloud You will be able to read full information about.

Friends, many products are also available on Google’s Internet and out of these, Google Cloud also comes, but we do not know how Google Cloud works and what is the work of Google Cloud.

If we google cloud kya hota hai If you do not know about it, then we should get complete information about it from the right place. That’s why in today’s post we are going to give you complete information about what is Google Cloud.

After reading this post, you will get complete information about Google Cloud so that you will not need to go to any other platform. so let us tell you what is google cloud,

google cloud kya hota hai.

So let us know what is Google Cloud. Google cloud or google cloud platform is a part of public cloud computing services provided by Google.

We can access google cloud or google cloud platform through internet and device. Google cloud is a graphical tool, with the help of this we can manage our business or services.

That is, with the help of google cloud platform, you can see the experience of the kind of service Google provides to you, such as the server, computing and computing.

Google Cloud mainly provides services such as – provides services such as stores, computation, data analysis, machine learning. Along with this, the inspa structure also provides.

Whatever software you use in your device like – google mail, google map, google news, google drive, google photo, google docs, google sheets Like software and tools, google provides cloud.

So now you know google cloud kya hota hai now we will give you information related to google cloud which you might not know.

How Google Cloud Works.what is google cloud

All the software that you run and use in a web browser is called server and software. In today’s time, cloud computing co-exists a lot of hardware and software products in a remote manner on a large scale.

Cloud computing can provide services of all the products at once. The needy users can easily access the tools in use with the help of their web browser, along with the users can use them easily. Google cloud works in a similar way.

While working with the Google cloud platform, users get flexibility as well as more options which are going to be useful for the users. While working on news and projects, you can use different types of resources and along with this they can also increase the infrastructure as per your requirement.

Google cloud platform provides 3 types of services.

  1. Infrastructure as a service.
  2. Platform as a service.
  3. Software as a service.

Out of these three, the most familiar software is Software as a service, we also call it G-suit, we can open all the software in it in a regular browser.

1. Infrastructure as a service

Infrastructure is as a service, in this, infrastructure provides us, all the developers and people who run business, such people need a lot of storage, in such a situation, they are not able to save it in their device, for this they work with the help of infrastructure. Can do because Infrastructure provides you a lot of memory.

2. Platform as a service.

With the help of Platform as a service, we can develop the application and along with developing the same application, we can also run the application here as well as manage it through backup. With the help of Platform as a service, you can also launch any application on the platform.

when users google cloud If we choose any one service of the platform, which can help it to work, then in such a situation, we prepare the project with the help of google cloud platform console, we also call it GCP console in short word. The person who prepares the project, that is, the admin of the project, can see who has to be kept in the team and who has to give what work.

Google cloud service.

There are many services of Google Cloud Platform such as computer, stores, machine learning, internet of things, apart from all these services provide their service for cloud management as well as security and developer tools. Google cloud platform is included in the products of cloud computing.

Google Compute Engine

Google App Engine comes in Google Compute Engine. In App Engine we can create project and from here we can develop application. PHP, paython, can also be built.

Google App Engine.

This App Engine is useful for those people who want to develop applications, with the help of this developers get many facilities, from which they can prepare any kind of project very easily. We also call Google app engine as Google app engine as a service.

Google Cloud Storage.

Just as there is storage in our device, there is cloud storage to keep files in the same way. Sometimes we are in great need of stores. By uploading and saving any type of your files in Google Cloud Storage, then it remains there for years and we can watch whenever we want.

To use Google Cloud Storage, you must have an email id, after that you will have to create an account in google drive. Google Drive provides free storage up to 25 GB. You can use it according to the need.

Google Container Engine.

Google Container Engine This engine is inside the public service of google cloud. Docker running inside google cloud is the management and orchestration system for the container. Google Cloud This service is based on Google Container Engine, Google Kubernetes Container Orchestration Engine.

High Level Services of Google Cloud.

Google Cloud adds new features from time to time to provide good service to its users. To improve Google Cloud, it works by adding other, machine learning-related services like big data to it.

There are some other such services of Google Cloud which are very good and you may or may not know them, so let us tell you about the high service of Google Cloud.

Data Processing.

Google cloud provides other services as well as data processing which includes analytics in addition to data processing. Apart from this, Google Cloud Dataflow is also a service and this service works for data processing.

Google Cloud Dataflow is also part of Google cloud services and it provides services of Apache Spark and Hadoop for big data processing.

Artificial Intelligence.

We also call Artificial Intelligence AI in short words. This Artificial Intelligence mainly provides cloud machine learning engine to Google. It is also a service in a way that enables its users to do machine learning models. Provides many types of APIs for users to translate speech images and videos.

Internet Of Things.

We also call Internet of Things as IOT in shot word. Google also provides its service Internet of Things. The Google cloud Internet of Things is like a chain of core, managed services and it enables its users to access and manage data from the Internet of Things device.

Google cloud platform is getting sut, regular updates and along with this google keeps changing services from time to time according to the demand of its users, which makes it accessible to the users to work and due to some reasons some services are closed. does it too. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are associated with Google’s main competitors in the Google cloud computing market.

Google Cloud Platform Pricing Option.

To use any services, we have to pay some money in the same way. Google Cloud To use the platform, we have to pay some money. Whatever services you want to use in Google Cloud Platform, then you only need to invest money in that. And you know how good services Google Cloud Platform provides.

Google cloud kya hota hai.


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