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Pan Card Kaise Banaye? Nowadays, the way all kinds of necessary personal documents are useful to the person, in the same way PAN card has also become very important and perhaps that is why nowadays the answer to this question is being searched mostly on the internet. PAN card is being used for all kinds of government and non-government work and in today’s time, PAN card has become one of the most important documents among all the important documents.

If you have not yet made your PAN card, then soon you can apply for it online and get your PAN card made sitting at home today. We are going to tell you all kinds of step by step process of making PAN card in this important article of ours today and maybe this article of ours will prove to be very helpful for you and that is why you must read it till the last.

What is Pan Card

PAN card is being recognized as a unique document in the present times. PAN card plays an important role in all types of financial transactions. From opening an account in the bank to filing income tax, PAN card is used for all kinds of important tasks. This card is issued through the Income Tax Department of India and a unique 10 digit alpha numerical number is entered in it.

pan card full formPermanent account number it happens. Each card holder is assigned his/her Permanent Unique Number and this number is different for each card holder and this number is generated by the Income Tax Department of India itself. The size of the PAN card is the same as the size of your ATM card and this too is made on top of the plastic card. Inside the PAN card, the name of the PAN card holder, date of birth, father’s name, your signature and your photo are entered.

Friends, in today’s time, PAN card is also used for making any kind of necessary document from making driving license. In order to make a PAN card, the candidate has to Form 49A You have to fill this form and you can get your PAN card made by filling this form both online or offline. Today PAN card has become so useful in our country that almost every Indian person must have his/her PAN card.

Requirement for making Pan Card

If you want to get your PAN card made online or offline, then you should know about some essential documents and these are the documents which are very useful while applying for PAN card. Let us now move forward in the article and know that What are the requirements for making a PAN card? The information of which is explained in detail below in the following form.

Personal proof: You can use your driving license, your election certificate and electricity bill or any other document as a personal proof ie identification proof to get it done.

Address Proof: While applying for PAN card, we have to attach the address proof in its application form and for this, you can use your voter ID card, Aadhar card, driver’s license or any water connection bill or electricity bill. Huh.

Date of Birth Proof: As we have already told you that the date of birth of the card holder is given inside the PAN card and to verify this, you will submit your 10th or 12th mark sheet as a necessary document in the application form.

pay attention: If you have Aadhar Card and your phone number is linked in that Adhar Card. That is, on which OTP comes, then you can use it only from Aadhar Card. ePAN And Physical Pan Card Can get it sitting at home. Apart from this, if you want that a new photo and signature should also come printed on my PAN card, then you will read the need of both these things and along with this you will get a E mail ID Will also need

What is the fee for making a PAN card and its payment process?

  • To get the PAN card made, the candidate has to deposit the prescribed fee of ₹107.
  • You can easily pay the fee for this through Demand Draft, UPI, Credit Card and Debit Card.
  • It is mandatory to pay the prescribed fee through Demand Draft at Mumbai and not only this, the name and acknowledgment number of the candidate should be entered on the reverse of the demand draft.
  • If you pay the prescribed fee through demand draft or cheque, then you will have to pay NSDL- PAN To make a check in the name of
  • Candidates paying through cheque can pay their fee by visiting any HDFC branch.
  • Along with this, the candidate will have to submit the slip in this process. NSDL- PAN Mentioning is mandatory.

how to make pan card

To get a PAN card online, you must first nsdl You have to go to the official website of the government and after that you can successfully apply for PAN card there. Be sure to read the step by step procedure given below carefully to apply online.

1. Type Apply Pan Card in Google

Pan Card Kaise Banaye Step1

For this, first you have to go to the search box of Google and there you will have to ‘Apply PAN card’ You have to search by typing and after that many results will start appearing in front of you in a few seconds and you will get NSDL official website will appear and you have to click on this website.

2. About Basic Information and Click on Submit

Pan Card Kaise Banaye Step2

Now the application form for PAN card application will open in front of your screen and here you will be asked some necessary information related to now and you have to first read all those information one by one and then fill them. After filling the information, you have to enter the captcha first and then at the bottom you have to ‘Submit’ An option called will appear and you have to click on this option.

3. Click on Continue With Pan Application Form

Pan Card Kaise Banaye Step3

After completing this process, a new window will open on your screen and here you will get ‘Continue with Pan application form’ An option will appear and you have to click on this option.

4. Fill the Personal Details

Pan Card Kaise Banaye Step4

Now a new window will open in front of you and here you will see many new options and out of these you will be the first ‘Submit Scanned Images Through e-Sing’ You will see the option and you have to click on this option. If you want to get PAN card in physical form then you have to click here ‘YES’ The option has to be selected and after that the information being asked has to be filled carefully one by one. After doing this you will see the option of ‘NEXT’ and you will have to click on this option.

5. Fill Contact & Other Details

Pan Card Kaise Banaye Step5

Now a new application form will open in front of you once again and you will have to enter information related to income source and address here. In the income section, you have to select the option ‘No income’ and in the address section, if you are making a PAN card for personal use, then you have to choose the option of ‘Residence’ and if you are in the office. If you want to get a PAN card, then you have to select the option ‘Office’ and then fill the information in the form accordingly. then after that you have in the last ‘Appointing representative assessee’ in this you ‘ No’ You have to choose the option and in the last you have to ‘NEXT’ The option will appear and you have to click on this option.

6. Type AO Code

Pan Card Kaise Banaye Step6

When you come to this page, you will first Indian Citizens and then you have to click on your State Will have to find With this you get your City also have to select. After doing all this work in front of you Choose AO Code The form will come out. You can see in the image above and whatever your Area You will have to select that and it will be automatically added to you. After doing this process you ‘Next’ You have to click on the option.

7. Upload your documents

Pan Card Kaise Banaye Step7

Now after completing this process, you will see a new page once again and here you will have to fill your personal information as well as your Photo And signature scan by doing and with convert aadhar card to pdf You will have to upload it on the official website so that your documents can also be verified.

8. Check Your Details Correctly

Pan Card Kaise Banaye Step8

Now after this you have to verify the information entered by you and you have to enter your to addresshandjob to your personal detailshandjob your father’s information, Verify the date of birth and photo and signature and then in the last you have to ‘Proceed’ The option will appear and you will have to click on this option.

9. Rs. Pay 107

Pan Card Kaise Banaye Step9

Now in the next page you will be asked to pay the prescribed fee and you will get many payment options here and you can choose any payment option as per your convenience. After selecting the payment option, you ‘Proceed to Payment’ You have to click on the option.

10. Pan Card Request Has Been Submitted

Pan Card Kaise Banaye Step10

When you make payment, after that you will have to get your Aadhar Card verified. Authentic option will be shown to verify the Aadhar card. When you click on this option then an OTP will come on your registered mobile number. When you will verify that OTP, after that you now complete your online application for PAN card in this way and then once again a new window will open in front of you and here you will see the enrollment number and you want So you can save it by writing it or you can take a print out of your application form directly from here and keep it safe.

When you complete all this process, then your address will be sent to you. 10 – 15 days through Pan Card Post Office I will reach your address which is in your Aadhar Card. Apart from this, in the email id that you have given, you will also have ePan card 3-5 Will come in the day


if you Pan Card Kaise Banaye If the article has been helpful, then you should share this article with those friends who want to make their PAN card. Apart from this, if you need any information related to this article, then you can use the comment box below.