how to Create email on gmail

how to Create email on gmail

Email ID Kaise Banaye? Friends, do you have to create Email ID or do you want to know how to create Email ID, then this post has been written for you because today I will tell you all in this post that how to Create email on gmail. In this post, we will know more about creating Email ID and so read this post carefully. Friends, it is very easy to create Email ID and this task is absolutely free, that does not require you to pay money to create Email ID, it is a free service by Google. In this post, you will also be told how to create an Email ID, why it is important to have an Email ID, how to keep an Email ID safe, from which website to create an Email ID, benefits of Email ID etc. Will be told So friends, let’s know how to create Email ID How to create Email ID.

Email ID Kaise Banaye?  Create email on gmail

First of all we should understand what email is, then friends, you can understand email in such a way that email is a kind of electronic message that can be easily sent from one computer to another with the help of internet. If you have an email ID, then with the help of that you can easily send the necessary files like messages, photos, videos, audio and documents to the email ID of any other person, within a second.

If you ask me what is the need to create an Email ID? So my answer will be here that it is very important to create an email ID. Now you will ask why so my answer is that in today’s time you do not have your email ID, you cannot avail of many facilities. To take advantage of all the facilities related to the Internet, it is very important to have an email ID. Without an email ID, you cannot prove your identity on the Internet. You will find the use of Email ID in many places, such as when you register for a government or private exam form, then they need to be contacted later, in such a situation, it is very important to have an email ID. Not only this, when you use any Google product such as Youtube, Play Store, Maps, Chrome Browser, GDrive etc., it is also necessary to have an Email ID. Email ID is also required while shopping online or recharging. I mean to say that if you run the Internet, then you must have an Email ID, you cannot even create an account on a website without an Email ID.

Now let’s talk about this topic How to create an Email IDThe So friends, for your information I would like to tell you that there are many websites which are possible to create Email IDs, such as Yahoo, MSN, Rediff, Microsoft, etc. But I would advise all of you to have your own Email ID. Make it on Gmail itself because it is Google’s service and it is capable of working on any website everywhere. If you want to use any Google product such as Youtube, Play Store, Maps, Chrome Browser, GDrive etc. then it can only be possible from Gmail, Email ID created from any other website will not work on Google product while registering. Does

how to Create email on gmail? Step by step

1) So as I told you above, why is it important to create Email ID from Gmail and why should we create Email ID from Gmail itself. In this post, we will learn to create Email ID with the help of Gmail, so first of all Gmail Official Website Go to

2) Now you will come to the Gmail homepage, on this page you will see an option Create an Account You have to click on this option by name.

3) Now the new page will open and on this page you have to fill all the details, whatever it asks you to do, then click on the Submit button.

  • First name: Write your first name in it.
  • Last name: Write your last name in it.
  • Create a password: Choose a good and strong password for your Gmail account.
  • Confirm your password: Enter the password you have chosen in this box again.
  • Birthday: Write in this box when you were born.
  • Gender: You choose a woman or a masculine.
  • Mobile phone: Remember to write your mobile number in this box, you should have this number right now.
  • Your current email address: If you still have another email account, then do not write his email address, then leave it blank.
  • Location: Select where you are from.

email id banaye

4) To accept the Gmail policy I agree Click on the button

email id banaye

5) Now you have to verify your mobile number which you wrote during the registeration. You can verify the mobile number in two ways, one is through text message and the other through voice call. After selecting the verification method Continue Click on the button.

email id banaye

6) Write the verification code on the next page which you have found on your mobile number and after that Continue Click on the button. Keep in mind that if you have chosen a text message for verification, then you will get the verification code through SMS on your mobile. In the same way, if you have selected a voice call for verification, then a call will come on your mobile from Gmail, in which the verification code will be told. For your information I would like to tell you that it can take as long as 15 minutes to get the verification code, even if the verification code is not reaching you. try again Click on the option.

email id banaye

7) After the mobile number is verified, a new page will open in which Continue to Gmail The option is to click. After this, Gmail will take a few seconds to prepare your email account, so wait a bit.

email id banaye

8) Now your Gmail account will be ready, we can also call it as if you have created your email ID within five minutes. After this, you can send email to any person and you can also receive email.

How to send mail with Gmail:

So friends, we have learned how to create email ID on Gmail, but it is yet to be known that if we want to send an email to someone, then how can we send it? This is important to know because until we do not know how to send email, then there is no use of creating an email account, so let’s know how to send email.

1) First of all log in to your Gmail account.

2) Click on Compose option.

3) Now you can write your message and send it to any person’s email address. Before sending an email, you have to write some details like whom to send the email and what to send, so let’s know how to do this.

  • To: Enter the email address of the person you want to send the message to.
  • Cc: We call it Carbon Copy and in this box you can enter more than one email address. All the email addresses you enter will be known to whom you have sent this mail to.
  • Bcc: We call it Blind Carbon Copy, in this box also you can enter more than one email address. No matter what email address you enter, no one knows to whom you have sent this mail.
  • Subject: Write the subject of the mail you are trying to send, which means you write the subject on which you want to send. If you want, you can leave it empty.
  • Compose Email: Now you can write your mail in the box and also add attachment files. After this, you click on Send option, your mail will reach that person.

So friends, in this way you can send mail to any person. The time it takes for a few seconds to reach the mail also depends on how fast your internet is and how big is its size if you are sending an attached file as well.

Turn on Gmail 2-Step Verification:

Now you must be wondering what is this 2-step verification. So friends, if you want to keep the security of your Gmail account strong, then by keeping 2-step verification turned on, it can avoid the risk of email account being hacked. When you turn on 2-step verification, when someone tries to log in to your Gmail account, then he must first convince Gmail that he is the real owner of this account. For this, Gmail sends a verification code to your mobile number, which can be logged in only after verifying it, otherwise it is not.

1) First Google to turn it on 2-Step Verification Go to the page and log in your Gmail account.

2) Get started Click on the button.

3) Now follow whatever illustration appears on the screen.

4) Now write your Gmail password again.

5) Now verify your mobile number on which number you want to start 2-step verification.

6) After the number is verified Turn on Click on the button. After this, 2-step verification will be started on your Gmail account.

7) After 2-step verification is started, whenever someone tries to log in to your Gmail account, first they have to verify the mobile number.

Final Words:

So guys today we learned this post How to create Gmail Par Email ID Kaise Banaye Email ID, How to send email to anyone, along with that we also taught how to keep Gmail account secure with the help of Google 2-Step Verification. In this post, we discussed openly on every aspect related to email, I hope you too must have learned something new from this post. If you think that we helped you with this post, then do not forget to share the post.