How To Download WhatsApp Status In Mobile In Hindi


WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media till date. The team of WhatsApp gives new features to make this app better. Today we will talk about the funniest feature of WhatsApp Status. whose title How To Download WhatsApp Status in Mobile has kept.

WhatsApp is a very popular social media. Because of which it is very easy to use in which our data also costs very little. Talking about WhatsApp Sucurity, the messages made in it are end-to-end encrypted.

That is, someone is messaging his friend. So no one will be able to see the message except that person and his friend. Even the WhatsApp team will not be able to see.

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What is WhatsApp Status? WhatsApp Status in Hindi

There are many such features in WhatsApp that attract more from WhatsApp’s social media.

WhatsApp has a feature called WhatsApp Status. In which we want to show our things to some such posts which we want to show to our friends connected in WhatsApp. Put this type of post in WhatsApp status.

Download WhatsApp status What is WhatsApp Status? WhatsApp Status in Hindi
Download WhatsApp status

This post can be in the format of text, photo or video. The format of the video has been kept in the limit of 30 seconds. That is, use any video in status, it will be up to 30 seconds.

How To Download WhatsApp Status in Mobile

We learned about Whatsapp status above. If we talk about downloading WhatsApp status then it is very easy. We find such apps by searching in Play Store or Google. With the help of which you can download WhatsApp status.

But in this article we will know about two method to download WhatsApp status. In which we will know the method of downloading status without apps and apps.

Download WhatsApp Status without Apps

Here we can download whatsapp status without any app. Step by step download is given below.

But I do not guarantee you that it will work in your phone. Because this trick used to work in my phone before, not working now but still working in my brother’s phone.

You must have seen a folder created on your mobile WhatsApp name. Perhaps you will also know that WhatsApp statuses are only for 24 hours.

But you will not be aware that inside the WhatsApp folder there is a status folder in which the statuses viewed in the WhatsApp app are saved.

You can copy your favorite video / photo movie from this status folder to any other folder, that status will come in your phone. So let’s go through this process step by step.

  • First of all, check the status in your WhatsApp app which you want to download because after viewing it gets saved in the WhatsApp status folder of your phone.
  • Now open your file manager. Go to WhatsApp >> Media >> Status.
  • Here you have to click on that status. Now click on Move or Copy and move from this folder to another folder of your choice.

In this way you can download WhatsApp status by following this process without any one app.

Download WhatsApp Status in Apps

We have seen above how we can download WhatsApp status without any party app. But if this trick doesn’t work.

Then you should adopt this trick. In this trick we will use third party app WhatsApp Saver.

Before adopting this trick, let me inform you that it can be harmful to your privacy because in this we have to give permission to photos, media and camera. And giving permission to any third party app can be harmful.

In this method we get only the steps of the previous process. Like for this you have to go to WhatsApp and see the same status. After that you will see it in this WhatsApp saver app. You are constantly pressing on the video there. After that save it by clicking on the Save button.

Here below you are told step by step _

  • First of all download this app from play store.
  • This is a permission to the permissions the app asks for after it’s downloaded. Now open WhatsApp messenger app and see this status. which you want to download.
  • After that you open the WhatsApp app and press the status you saw continuously, after that you will get the save button in front of you and download it.

After that it will be saved in your phone. By doing this you can download whatsapp status.

Conclusion (We learned)

We learned in this article that how we can download WhatsApp status without WhatsApp Saver app and also without any app.

Hope this article has been helpful to you, you must have got the answer to the questions raised in your mind.

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