How To Get Huge Traffic On Web Stories


Today we will know How to Get Huge Traffic on Web Stories? How to bring organic traffic to webstories? How to make webstories viral in google discover?

do you know today Bloggers By creating web stories, thousands of organic traffic of the day are being taken to their blog and website and on those web stories Google Adsense They are earning 40-50 dollor per day or even 100-150 dollor per day by placing ads.

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Morning Data Per day 100 Dollar starting (Different Website)

Yes! Web stories are the only way by which you can add SEO and Backlinks Can also be viral.

Neither here you have to see any keyword difficulty nor volume, just you have to create user friendly web stories.

Web stories will get you so much organic traffic that you can not even imagine, this is nothing to say, I can show you the proof of this.

If you want to know how much organic traffic I am getting from web stories, then you can check its record in my Instagram profile, here I share the records of all analytics and AdSense related to my blogging.

Also if you have Google AdSense Approval So you can earn a lot of money from AdSense by showing Google Ads in your Web Stories.

So let’s start and know how we create web stories and create webstories and bring thousands of organic traffic to our webstories and blogs in a day.

Before knowing How to Get Huge Traffic on Web stories, you should read some articles related to Web stories so that you can have complete knowledge of Webstories.

How to Get Huge Traffic on Web stories

Now we will know how to bring a lot of organic traffic in webstories, today we will share those tricks with you, due to which we are getting a lot of organic traffic.

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Create User Freindly Webstories

Your webstories will be viral only when you create user friendly webstories. The meaning of user friendly webstories which will entertain your user, give them knowledge, they like it, read the points given below to create user friendly webstories:-

High Quality Images

To increase User Experience, you should use High Quality Images. High quality images mean that the user can see very well, they should not be cut from anywhere, should not be blur and they should be used well in webstories.

Use Video and GIF

To make Webstories user friendly, you can use shorts videos and GIFs in it, so that the user’s interest remains and they keep interest in your Webstories.

Pro Tips:- The more people who see your webstories in full, the more chances are that Google will see more and more people in discovering your webstories.

Web Stories Title

Most important of all, you should make the title of your Webstories very attractive so that when people see your Webstories in their Google Discover Option, they can see that Webstories by clicking on it more and more and you get more clicks.

If more and more people click on your webstories, then this is also a postive signal for Google, by which it increases the reach of your webstories.

Web Stories Poster

In Discover, the user sees two things of your webstories, one is the poster and the other is the title, if both of these are good, then you will get a lot of clicks and your webstories will come in discover a lot.

Web Stories Content Strategies

How to write the content of Webstories? If you want to make your webstories viral, then you have to adopt content strategies in web stories as well.

See, first of all, you have to think like a user and understand that what kind of webstories you like, you just have to make the same kind of webstories.

Come let me understand you with some tips and quotes:-

Limited Words

There is no Webstories article, more people here Content Do not like to read, with images, you tell your content and intent in fewer words to the people, meaning that in less words, you have to give your user the information that you want to understand.

Attached Feelings

In Webstories Content you have to attcahed Feelings like if you are making story of some food recipes then you have to write something which people feel that your food is very taste.

If you are going to give any Tips and Tricks, then they are getting some usefull information.

Meaning whatever content you are writing, it should see Feelings, use those words and not use therotical words.


In the wake of Webstories viral or high CPC, you should not create Webstories on any Niche, nothing will happen by making them on different topics, but the right way is to create Webstories according to your own Niche.

You have to search what people want to know according to your Niche, what are the keywords in your niche which are more searched, which have high volume and CPC is also good in them.

By finding similar topics, you can create your own webstories on them.


While creating webstories, you should add animation effects to the images and text, this makes the user experience very good and the success of your webstories is the only reason, the more your user will like your story, the more you will be sucess.


Many people have this question that how many links should be put in webstories and how can I tell you that you have to put only one link in webstories, that too in the last you have to be such that the user can read your webstories till the last and last. I click on the link to come to your article.

Web stories SEO

When it comes to how to optimize webstories for the search engine, like we do SEO of blog articles, we have to do SEO of our webstories, you read here to know webstories SEO.

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Is Google Web Stories Free?

Yes! Google Web Stories is absolutely free, you can watch them for free in your Discover option.

Can you earn money from webstories?

Yes! You can earn money from Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing by creating Google webstories.

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