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YouTube channel grow kaise kare? how to grow youtube channel in hindi? hello friends you YouTube Channel made but Grow It’s not that easy to do. If you used everyone’s trick then only on youtube Views are not getting.

That’s why in today’s article I am going to tell you how to grow YouTube channel. If these tricks work even for 6 months, then your channel will definitely grow, so read the post till the end.

How To Grow YouTube Channel (Secret Tips 8)

Everyone wants to earn money by creating a YouTube channel, but it is such a big platform that your life will change. so on youtube Subscriber And Views should be. Tell the tips now, read them carefully and use them on your channel.

1. Have Quality Content

current time video Rank It has become very difficult to do. but everyone User Always likes to watch quality videos. if you Technology Topic has chosen.

You never lack content on this topic. But the competition has increased on this topic. So Unique will have to make. Suppose you are reviewing on a smart phone, then all the information should be given and Audio Quality Should be right. One should not get stuck while speaking again and again. Make a video with full confidence, then people will like your video.

2. Title and Thumbnail

most new YouTubers Make a mistake here, make the title different and the thumbnail different. Both the title and thumbnail are very important to grow the video.

For example, you have taken the keyword Weight Loss and want to make a video with it, then How to Weight Loss should be such a thumbnail.

thumbnail Make it so that when someone searches, they should click on your video. Title and Thumbnail Should always be related to the video.

3. Collaborate

If you are working on YouTube channel properly but collaboration is a great trick to grow fast. collaboration Meaning according to your channel YouTube Creators want to find. Both of them benefit from this, your audience knows him but his audience knows you. But if you have 5000 to 10000 subscribers and want to do with million channel then that YouTuber will never say yes. You also have to find such YouTuber who have equal Subscriber or a little more than you. my best she YouTube Creators will never refuse.

4. Do Keyword Research

First of all create you youtube channel Keyword Research It is very important to do. Because Low Competition Keywords But by making a video, your videos appear first. once ranked Keywords But still your video will start playing. If you want to do keyword research H-Supertools can help.

youtube channel 1

5. Video editing should be correct

you make video Video Editing It is so important too. The quality of the video should always be right so that it looks attractive. Seen I need an image, put an image there. and whom Seen If you do not like it, cut it, your channel will grow soon.

6. Google Ads

This is the best way. But Paid is now with the help of Google AIDS, you can reach videos to many people. That’s why you can spend 400 till another 300. Promote useful and interesting videos here. If you like the video then people will definitely subscribe.

7. Social Sharing

starting Subscribers Have to work hard. whatever you Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook But do share as much video as possible, watch the full video. If the watch time starts increasing, then YouTube reaches your video to more people.

8. Build on Searchable Topics

if you like youtube channel Grow If you want to do this, then it is very important to get views. To find such a topic where more people search. Example, millions of people searching daily on this topic, how to earn money online sitting at home, you also have to do your topic related search so that your video is shown first when you search.

How to add video to Recommendation

If your videos also start coming on recommendation, then you will get views soon. So you have to do simple work. The topic on which you made the video, you have to search the same video on YouTube and which has got more views. of video Title, Description, Tags Keep the goods, do not copy. YouTube’s algorithm also considers the video to be the same, then sends your video to the recommendation.


I have seen many make youtube channel. But 10 to 15 If you don’t get Views by putting videos Demotivate Turns off the channel. But you should not do this, you will have to work hard day and night to get it. You upload 3 to 4 videos a week, it will be of great benefit. If you have any doubt from growing YouTube channel, then definitely tell in the comment box, we will solve it soon.


1. In how many days does a YouTube channel grow?

There is no fix, sometimes the first video also becomes viral, many people work on YouTube for 1 year but not a single video goes viral.

2. Due to which reasons the YouTube channel does not grow?

There are many reasons for this, giving wrong information, copy-pasting, so it does not grow.

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