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live video !! he too Instagram Feather. Is this possible with my mobile? Are similar questions coming in your mind too? Then the answer is yes. If you want, you can easily create live videos on Instagram from your new smartphone.

But in order to do this, it is very important for you to know that after all how to watch live video on instagram And how can you make them on your phone? Then without delay let’s start.

Instagram Live what happens?

Instagram Live are videos that allow users to stream videos from their phone’s built-in camera. Since everything is now online, many company brands are also using Instagram Live to host their workshops, interviews, etc. by which Instagram Live Its popularity has increased significantly, more than 70%.

Instagram Live is started by swiping you right or by tapping the plus icon and toggling on Live. Live streams can last up to a maximum of four hours and can be hosted by one or two accounts. When an account is live, they appear in front of the Stories bar with the Live icon. Once finished, Instagram Live videos can be saved to IGTV or shared for 30 days before being deleted.

Live broadcasts can be started very easily. You will find complete information about it below. You just have to follow the below steps slowly. here you how to make reels on instagram can read.

Instagram Live How to make video?

Then let’s understand today how you too Live Video on Instagram can make.

Step 1. Install Instagram on your phone

If you have a new phone then you must have installed Instagram on your phone first. For this you can use Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. On the other hand, if you have already installed then you can follow the further steps.

Step 2. Sign Up on Instagram

If you have just installed the app, then you must not have created an account. In this case, you should sign up on Instagram. Whereas if you have already created an account then you can directly Login can do.

Step 3. Open or open the app to make a video

Now as you login, Instagram account will be open in front of you. Now you can make a video in it. Information on this subject is given below.

Step 4. Launch Instagram Camera

There are two ways to start the camera. The first is that you use the camera below. icon will appear, click on it and Swipe Left. This will open the camera. The other way is that you will see an icon on the left and a + which will be located on the top left side. You have to click it.

There is also another way in which you have to open the app and swipe to the right or left, this will automatically start Instagram Camera.

Step 5. Start Making Videos

As soon as your phone’s camera is opened, there you will get 3 options live, story and reels. In all of these you can create different types of videos. Now you have to choose which type of video you want to make. That is, do you want to make reels video or live or stories video.

because you are on instagram Live Want to make a video, so you have to select the Live option. With this you will live immediately. At the same time, all your followers will get a notification that you are live. In this way they can talk to you easily.

Instagram Live But there are also many filters such as color effects, stars, hats, etc., so that you can have more creative fun. live can streams.

It would be better that whenever you think of going live on Instagram, then in advance, inform the user about this topic in your Instagram stories. At the same time, you can provide information about this topic on your other social media platforms only. Keep reading our blog for similar information related to instagram. here you how to increase instagram likes You can read

Who can see your live video on Instagram?

By the way, all your followers can see your live video. But you can limit this thing if you want. By which Instagram Live stream Will be visible to only a few people. It works the same way Instagram Stories works.

How effective is Instagram live?

Instagram Live It is a very effective medium to reach your followers. You can influence them in a very exciting and interactive way through this. Instagram Live You can increase your visibility by using it.

What is the best time to go live on Instagram?

Instagram But the best time to come live is 12pm or 7pm to 9pm. You can come live at this time anytime of the week from Monday to Friday. For your information let me tell Instagram But live you can come only for 1 hour. Again you will have to come live a second time if you want to make your point again.

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