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Everyone today Social media Let’s use Some people use social media just for fun, some people Lakhs of Rupees Social Media Are earning with the help of If you are still using social media for entertainment only, then you have been very wrong. you too Social media help to earn good sitting at home Can we know how to come?

So today we’re going to talk How to make money from Instagram? About this, you can earn good money by doing simple work with the help of Instagram. The founder of Instagram was Kevin Systrom Who sun 2010 I founded this company and In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $ 1 Billion in cash. Which was the biggest deal at that time.

How to make money from Instagram?

Today i will all of you How to make money from Instagram? I will give full information about it. You have to be a bit brainwashed to make money from Instagram. I to you 6 to 7 ways will tell. With the help of which you can do income sitting at home. So let’s know.

Instagram se Paise Kaise Kamaye

1. By Affiliate Marketing

If your friends Followers If you have enough Affiliate Marketing Can do To Affiliate Marketing You Amazon Affiliate Program Can be added to. And you can promote his product on your Instagram, all the people who throw your link will buy the product from your link. commission will get.

Also if you have any of your own Shop Or if there is a shop, then you can promote it on your Instagram too. This will increase your business significantly. And if your own E – Commerce If you have a website Product You can also earn money by sharing on your Instagram.

2. By giving Instagram Followers Service

If you have a lot of Instagram on your Instagram Followers If you are, you can promote someone else with the help of your Instagram profile, and you can take money from whoever wants to promote your Instagram profile. Today, many people are earning a lot of money by following this trick. So you too can earn money with the help of this, just your followers should be in considerable amount.

3. Posting Instagram Stories

If your Followers If you are in very high quantities, then you Instagram Stories You can also earn money with the help of Like – you can sell any product very quickly with the help of your Instagram story. Because nowadays people do not see the post Story Likes to see a lot.

Or you can promote his account with the help of your Instagram story and earn money by taking money from any other band.

Daily Story You get one more benefit by applying that on your Instagram Followers They grow very fast. Nowadays people follow the same person who remains active. Therefore, the more active you are, the more you will benefit.

4. Sell Photos

Today’s people Photography Remains very mournful of But if they cannot find the right place to sell their photos, then in such a situation, you people Instagram Account Can sell on All you need is his contact number and Watermark lagana on his photo. So that whenever someone takes that photo Purchase If you want to Direct Buy with the help of a call. And you in exchange for all this better than that band The commission can take.

5. Sell Instagram Account

If on your instagram good enough Followers So you can earn a lot of money with the help of a trick. All you have to do is that you have to create some new accounts. And on those accounts, you have to promote them by posting something and to increase the followers. After that you can sell that account to any person.

If your 1000 Followers The ones Account To Sell If you did 5000 ₹ Can be found till It’s just your guarantee Real Followers Should be Otherwise people will be ahead of you Instagram Accounts Will not buy

6. Sponsorship

Friends, if you have a large amount of followers on Instagram, then you are very big Company Contact Will do. mine Website, App Etc .. Promote To do, and in return you can ask for a hefty amount of money from them. On instagram Other Social Media Platform In very high amounts Sponsorship Is found. Because people are more active on Instagram.

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So friends, these were some ways, with the help of which you can earn a lot of money with the help of Instagram from home. Just your Instagram But enough Followers Should be You have more money to make money from Instagram Followers It is very important to have. Next post I will tell you that you Instagram On Followers How can I grow.