Malti 9978 app se paise kaise kamaye Sirfmasti


In this post you will know Malti 9978 app se paise kaise kamaye sirfmasti We will also tell you some tricks by which you can earn 2000 rupees every day.

Malti 9978 app se paise kaise kamaye sirfmasti

But if I tell you that you can use this time to earn money, will you believe it now? you on malti app mobile game You can earn money by playing.

Malti 9978 app se paise kaise kamaye sirfmasti

Malti 9978 is an online money making app in which you get to play some games inside the app. On winning these games you get money in wallet which you can withdraw in paytm.

Also, money can be earned from this app by referring and watching videos. You get 20rs for a referral and up to 5rs for watching a video mill goes.

What is Malti 9978 app

The full name of Malti 9978 is Malti 9978 App. It is a kind of gaming platform where many types of small and big games are available.

You can play any of these games. There will be victory and defeat in the game, if you win you will get money and this money will be real money.

How Malti 9978 App Works

When you play games on Malti 9978 App, there are two types of money available here.

  • Malti Token
  • Paytm Money

You must have a token to play any game on this app. By putting them on you can participate in any game. Each game requires a different number of Tokens.

That’s why first of all you need to collect Token. Now to collect tokens Malti 9978 app se paise kaise kamaye sirfmasti There are many ways of. Use all of them and add more and more tokens.

anymore sirf masti wali website But you can win Real Money by participating in every game. You will get money according to your ranking in that game.

Malti 9978 app se paise kaise kamaye sirfmasti method

Nowadays everyone plays mobile games, you all will also be fond of playing mobile games. Most of the people play games to refresh their mood.

But it has a disadvantage that our time is also spent a lot. Talking about earning money, money can be earned in total 5 ways from Malti 9978 app.

earn money by playing games

Malti 9978 app se paise kaise kamaye sirfmasti There are many types of games in which you can win money by playing.

Chess, Ludo, Carrom, Quiz are some famous games. You must have money in your Malti wallet to play such games.

You can add money to the wallet through UPI. How much money will be received by winning which game, it will be known before playing the game.

By sharing the referral link

This is the App of Refer and Earn. When you refer this App to someone and it is your Referral Link If you download it from then you get ₹ 20 and you get ₹ 75.

So the more people you Referral Link The more you download the app, the more profit you will get. You can share it in social media so that maximum download can be done.

Playing Fantasy Games

In this, you can play Fantasy Matches of many games like Cricket, Football, Basketball. You can participate in any match by creating a Fantasy Team.

If your Fantasy team performs well and you win that contest then you get money.

Malti 9978 app se paise kaise kamaye sirfmasti Your ranking also matters. That is, the better the rank you get, the more money you will get.

By Live Audio and Video

In this you can follow anyone. When your followers become 1000, then there is an option to do audio. You can talk to your followers in audio.

Followers can also send Token or Real Money but there is a limit. Can’t send more than 100 tokens and more than 50 rupees real money.

At the same time, after having 5,000 followers, you can talk with your followers on the video. This increases your popularity and many followers start liking you so much that they also send real money.

From Spin and Win

There is a chance to spin and win once every day. In this you can win a bonus or cashback coupon of Rs.10.

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Malti 9978 app how to download

To download this app, you have to go to playstore on your phone. Go and search the app. You may not find this app in the Play Store.

If you do not find this app in playstore, then you can also download this app from the direct link given below.

Note- You may not find this app on the internet because you are not working now. That’s why we have changed the link of this app with MPL app which is a similar app.

This post is written for information only, we do not ask you to promote or download any. Before downloading or using any app, check it thoroughly.

Final words on Malti 9978 app se paise kaise kamaye sirfmasti

We have told you all the ways and tricks to earn money from Malti 9978 app through this post.

Hope you now know how to earn money from Malti 9978. Keep visiting our blog to get such useful information.

If you liked the information, then do not forget to share it, as well as if you have any question or suggestion, then you can ask us in the comments.

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