Mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye


In this post you will know mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti Also will tell you the trick to download this app and earn money.

Everyone wants to earn money but to earn money you must have some skill. and today we give you gaming app going to tell about.

mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti

for that you have rummy poker And fantasy league Like there should be skill to play games. If you already like to play these games then this app is for you.

mamta 9910 app sirf masti review

Mamta 9910 app One of India’s trusted Online Gaming and Chatting Platforms that lets you real cash Gives you a chance to win.

Thousands of people are earning a lot of money daily from this gaming platform. Mamta 444 Contact Just like app Mamta 9910 app With this, you can get a chance to win prize money up to 10 crores.

you mamta 9910 on the app Fantasy Sports,Rummy,Poker And Call Break as real cash You can play games easily. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

With this, whatever cash you win from this, you can easily transfer it to your bank account. UPI and Mamta 9910 app wallet by transfer through withdraw can do

Mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti

mamta 9910 The application gives you the opportunity to play four games which Fantasy League, Rummy, Poker And Call Break Is.

You can earn money by playing these games. Other than this refer earn Money can also be earned through this. Let us give you information about it one by one.

from Fantasy League mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti

over here fantasy league under you cricket,football,kabaddi And basketball running games like contest get a chance to participate.

We have already told you many ways to earn money on but it is very easy to earn money while playing games.

1. First of all application fantasy play Click above.

2. cricket after that,Either Kabaddi, Basketball or Football league Select. After selecting match Select.

3. Once the match is selected, any ongoing reference to that match free either paid Customize the contest at your convenience choose Do it

4. after that your team make you the same players keep in your team who can perform well and more points can achieve.

5. After this the most important thing is that you have to work with your team. captain And vice captain will have to choose.

6. Now you check your team once and check the team save Do it

7. In this way you can win any other tournament join And you can earn money by playing games.

from Rummy mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirfmasti

mamta 9910 app But you rummy You can play games.Rummy is an online multiplayer card game that you can play with 2 to 6 players.

Know that 13–13 cards are given to each player. You can play any free and real cash contest join and beat other players cash You can win

from poker mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti

likewise Poker You also get a chance to earn money by playing.Poker It is also an online game, it is played with 2 to 10 players.

if you have previously poker you haven’t played practice mode before with Practice and when you play Expert then you go cash game You can join and play.

Earn Money With Poker And Call Break With Mamta 9910 App

The next game that you can play and earn money is Call Break. This is a simple and fun card game that can be played with 2 to 4 players.

It consists of 4 rounds and 52 13–13 of the cards are dealt among each of the players. You can join tournaments to earn money from this.

Earn money with Refer & Earn

Along with playing games, this application refer earn to earn money through option Our users gives to.

Whenever any Mamta 9910 app from the link shared by you In log in If you do then you and he will get a bonus cash of 20 rupees.

with her life time deposit According to this, you can earn up to 5000 rupees. Apart from all these mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti Of activites will be done in this application by your friend.

Accordingly, you will also be given points. as well as whatever deposit will be done base but you too reward will get.

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We would like to suggest to you that all these games are prone to financial risk so all Games Get the right information and hone your gaming skills improve Do it only after that play the game.

How do you get points for playing Fantasy Cricket?

mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti We have told you about this. Let us now tell you that fantasy cricket how you play Points see you.

Sirf masti site Below are the points system found in this app while batting, bowling and fielding. explain have been done.

while batting

  • 1 points for each run
  • 1 points for each boundary (1 point for each boundary)
  • 2 point for each Six
  • 8 points on reaching a half-century mark (8 points for making 50 runs)
  • 16 points on reaching a century (16 points for making 100)
  • -2 points for getting out on a duck (-2 points for getting out on a duck (Batsman, Wicket-Keeper and All-Rounder,

while bowling

  • 25 points for each wicket taken (Excluding Run Out) (25 points for taking wicket)
  • 8 extra points for taking 4 wickets in a match (extra 8 points for taking 4 wickets)
  • 16 extra points for taking 5 wickets in a match (16 points for taking 5 wickets)
  • 8 points for every maiden over in a match

while fielding

  • each catch, a player gets 8 points
  • For each stumping or a run-out, a player gets 12 points 12 point)
  • For each throw that leads to a run-out, a player gets 8 points
  • For each catch leading to a run-out, a player gets 4 points

mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti mein Rules of Fantasy Cricket

  1. At least three batsmen or a maximum of five batsmen,
  2. At least one all-rounder or a maximum of three all-rounders ( minimum 1 all-rounder and maximum 3)
  3. At least one wicket-keeper or a maximum of 2 wicket-keepers wicket keeper over and over 2)
  4. At least three bowlers or a maximum of 5 bowlers
  5. Only seven players from a single Indian T20 team can be on your fantasy team (7 Indian players if Indian league)
  6. A maximum of four overseas players can play on your team (4 overseas players)
  7. At least 1 Indian uncapped player should be picked in your team (1 uncapped Indian player must be in your)

mamta 9910 app how to withdraw money from

anyone users Whoever wins the money by playing the game in this application can easily transfer it to his bank account.

Also if you use Mamta 9910 app wallet If you use it, you can also make money in it. transfer can do The way you transfer money, in the same way you will get money safety with deposit You can do it too.

mamta 9910 app Features of

today Mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye srf masti Behind the popularity of the game, it has many features that will allow you to play the game. users attracts her.

1. Mamta 9910 app one online trusted There is a gaming platform from which you can earn money by playing games.

2. Through this app you fantasy league,poker,rummy And call break You can play games like

3. Mamta 9910 app but over 27 million registered Players play games.

4. Mamta 9910 app Apps are available for both Android and iOS.

5. You can instantly transfer the money you win by playing the game to your bank account.

6. Our users It provides you 24×7 customer support.

7. This app is for you withdrawal Doesn’t take charges.

8. The biggest is that this is a Made in India application which has been made with the help of best technology.

9. The size of this application is only 80MB So you can use it without worrying about any storage. install You can do it on your phone.

10. UPI And Paytm Wallet Through this you can transfer money to your account anytime.

11. when you first got on it log in If you do, a bonus of Rs 50 is given to potatoes.

12. This application All games registered on RNG are certified.

Mamta 9910 how to download app

To earn money by playing games with the help of this app, it is necessary to have this app in your Android or Iphone in your smartphone. installed Are.

We would like to tell you that you will not find this app on Play Store. To download it, you have to visit its official website. visit Will have to do

Many people will not know much about this so we have provided you the download link of this application. already is given. From where you can download the game directly by going to its website.

Mamta 9910 app How to create your account

when you download this application install do it next step You will have to create your account because without creating an account you will not be able to play the game on it.

you can easily application by creating your account mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti for we step by step The information about the whole process is given to you here in the article.

Step1- First of all download this application in your phone open Do it

Mamta 9910 app

Step2- Paytm if you use Paytm straight through log in you can or else you can log in with mobile number Click on

Mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye

Step3- If you have selected the first option then you will have to enter your mobile number enter have to do it verification For.

Mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti

Step4- mobile number enter on your phone after verification code will be sent to you enter Have to do

Step5- In this way when your mobile number verify If done, then your account is Mamta 9910 app will be built on the app. and of the game lobby I will reach.

Mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti

In this way with these five easy steps By following you can create your account and start playing the game.

Note- Mamta 9910 app is not yet working on the internet, so we have given information about other Paytm First point app like it.

We do not ask to download any app. This post is written for information purpose only. Before downloading any app, get good information about it.

Final words On Mamta 9910 app se paise kaise kamaye sirf masti

In this article, we have told you about what is Patym First Games and how to earn money from it. detailed information is given. Paytm First Games The application gives you the opportunity to earn money by playing games.

We sincerely hope that you must have liked the information given by us. If in any way this blog post is informative for you, then definitely share it.

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