Mobile App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye sitting at home? In 2022 –


Hello, Friends, today we will know that mobile app se paise kaise kamaye sitting at home? roj 500 kaise kamaye? or how to earn money everyday?

It is every person’s dream to earn money sitting at home. How many students are there, how to earn money online on the internet? online paise kaise kamaye? Search it over and over again.

Today we are like this in this post Apps Have brought from which you can earn till Life-time. But keep one thing in mind, started from every app from today and you will start earning money from two-three days.

You must have correct or wrong information about the application, otherwise you may be cheated. any App But if you ask for money in the beginning, do not give it.

You have to hit report on that app as soon as possible. So that it becomes a Ban. so we are like Apps We have brought what we ourselves have worked on and have brought it to you. So you can download Bindass.

1. Roz Dhan App

Eoz dhan aap se paise kaise kamaye

on our list RozDhan App is placed at number one. Because you can earn good through RozDhan.

know first RozDhan App What is? For your entertainment you have to watch videos like Instagram Reels Which has made this kind of application in this way.

Video sharing gets money from Rozdhan app. If Sign Up On doing 25 Bonus Get. on referral with him ₹55 till are found. So far 1 crore more than Download So you can earn good money from RozDhan.

2. Meesho

meesho aap se paise kaise kamaye

Meesho App Must have heard the name of If you do not know, then it is one of the top applications of India. You can do business here by investing ₹ 0.

You will have questions in your mind, how to earn money from Meesho App. Meesho a Reselling App is your Flipkart, Amazon, Sanpdeal Products must have been ordered from such websites. hence Meesho e-commerce platform is

If you listen to a product and someone buys it for sharing, then you will get commission by sharing it on WhatsApp Facebook Instagram 10k to 20k Can earn up to

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3. Moocash

It can earn money without work. if you any Refer Code if you open from 20 Coins Only get. Moocash App many inside Application you will see only Install To do.

lots of apps 500 Coins See you till if you do three to four a day Apps Download If you do then you can deposit 2000 points in 1 day. To withdraw money from Moocash App 3000 Points should be in your account then you can withdraw.

by this you 250rs to 300rs Can earn up to Because Dollor Convert in and the price of Dollar always goes up and down. So you can earn good money sitting at home.

4. Wiggle

online game khel kar paise kaise kamaye
viggle App

To you TV If you like watching then this app is made just for you. on this application Show Let’s go. These Show You just have to guess, if your guess is correct then you will win money, so far more than 10 lakh downloads have been made and 3.4 Star Rating have been found. There is a good chance, definitely download to earn money.

5. Fiverr

Many people have skills in this world. But How to earn money from sikll. They do not know at all, so someone else takes advantage of their skills. Let me tell you such an application, there is a famous freelancer website all over the world. near the student Graphic Design, Video Editing, Content Writing There are such skills. Fiverr But to create your profile, initially you have to work hard. If orders start getting from Fiverr then you can earn lakhs of rupees comfortably.

6. Upstox

upstox se paise kaise kamaye

just now App I’m about to talk to him 15k to 20k earned till date. you are the same Earning can do. Basically Upstox Stock market trading platform. If you have a lot of knowledge then invest money in share market. Otherwise, you may have to bear a lot of loss. Now you can share the referral in another way. Upstox A Refer 500 to 1200 Can earn up to But the person to whom you are referring has Adhar Card, Pan Card Bank Details should be and Compelte After the process you will get money in your account.

7. Quora

Quora se paise kaise kamaye

Quora The biggest question and answer website. About this website 300 million More than Monthly users come. You cannot imagine how much you can earn if even 1 Lackh of traffic is brought to your post. Quora But there are more ways to earn money but I tell a way like you can earn money as soon as possible.

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8. Affiliate Marketing

You will know Affiliate Marketing, here you have to choose any products. Write a good article on them and send them on Quora. If the user has a product Need If so, you will definitely buy, in return for that you will get some commission.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing Se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2022

Affiliate Marketing Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

9. MPL App

MPL app se paise kaise kamaye

What would you do if you were given money by playing a game? MPL App You can earn money by playing games. MPL App like dream11 But we put a team, by the way, work has to be done on MP lap. With this we can earn from Refer. But this money does not come directly in the bank account, with that money you have to play the game and when you win, it will be transferred to your account.

10. WazirX

WazirX app se paise kaise kamaye

You would know how fast the cryptocurrency is growing. Overnight millionaires have been made from crypto currency. WazirX is also associated with cryptocurrencies.

There are two ways to get money on this app. You can make your profit by investing in the first cryptocurrency. another Refer and Earn Earning from. One of this App Ten million Has more downloads than . But to earn money in the first way, you should have knowledge of Crypto, do not invest much in crypto currency because the Government of India has not recognized it yet. So make small profit and be happy.

10. Google Pay

google pay se paise kaise kamaye

Google itself Google Pay has been launched. This App Can Earn Money. of a referral 51rs see you. See you and those in front too. So Bank Account And Register Phone Number should be. Because by SMS Verfy It happens. Other than this stretchh You can also earn money by doing it. If your luck is good then 2000 can be found.

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11. Shutter Stock

Mobile app se paise kaise kamaye

Do you know that selling photos gives money, otherwise I will tell. In today’s time, many people click good photos. you too PhotoGrapher Taking photos from different places Shuttet Stock Can sell on. For this, you will get approval to create an account on Shutter Stock. you clicked yourself Photos If someone downloads it, then you get money in return.

Conclusion– Mobile App se Paise kaise kamaye

Through this article, we learned that Mobile App se Paise kaise kamaye? Today you must have come to know how to earn money from the app, now you must have come to know that how to earn money from mobile sitting at home?

Everyone dreams to earn money online sitting at home because every person wants to become rich. Look, no one can become a millionaire in 1 day. But you have to earn something daily, daily paise kaise kamaye? pay attention to

If you want money from mobile then you have to work hard Online yes or Offline Yes, he has to do the work.

Today, by the method we have told you, you can calculate every month. Pocket Money You can leave with ease.

We told them about the app, so if you have questions related to the article, then definitely tell in the comment box, if you like the article, then definitely share it with your friends.


1. Which is the app that gives money?

According to our list, all are good apps, out of them you pay more money upstox, as a referral 1200 are found.

2. How to earn money daily?

for this you YouTube, Blogging, Freelacing have to work with.

3. Which is the biggest Earning App of India?

Now according to our research Upstox And Meesho You can earn a lot.

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