one who goes here dies

The one who goes here goes with his life, you will go here with his life, don’t forget to go to this dangerous place, if you go here, you will not be able to return alive, Read more related information:

Yaha jane wala jaan se jata hai

Who is not fond of traveling, but there are some places from where there is no guarantee of coming back safely. Despite this, many people go there and lose their lives.

Where there is danger to life, the government also imposes restrictions on movement. So that no person can go to that dangerous place and stay safe.

Here the hunters of the place we are talking about flying in the air does. Whether a human or a bird comes in front of them, they do not spare anyone.

This place has been banned by the government, so that no one can go to this place. Because it is very difficult to return alive from this place. So let us now introduce you to which place it is and where it is.

Do not forget to visit this creepy place, because it is snake island

here we you snake island (Snake Island) is going to tell about. an island in the middle of the sea a few kilometers off the coast of So Paulo, Brazil Ilha de Queimada Grand (Ilha de Queimada Grande). People now also know this island as Snake Island.

The world’s most dangerous and poisonous snakes are present on this island. Not only this, this island also has the highest number of snakes in the world and their number is increasing day by day. That’s why many people call itnagalok‘ or ‘house of serpents‘ also says.

It is said that more than 4000 different species of dangerous snakes are present on this island. This snake is so dangerous that not only humans or other creatures, they also make birds flying in the air their prey.

It is said that on this island snake species There are also found, which have the ability to fly. The poison of these snakes is so dangerous that the poison of these snakes strangles a person till the month of his death.

The most venomous snake on this island is golden colored golden lancehead viper (Golden lancehead viper) ie golden headed snake Which is not present anywhere in the whole world except this island.

This is the reason for the ability of viper species to fly. flying snake Make anyone their victim in a moment. This is the reason why no one dares to go to this place now.

It is said that the one who visits this island never comes back alive, because it island of snakes This place is just o only secret of snakes Runs, which easily makes anyone his victim.

The snakes found on this island are so poisonous that they die after being bitten. Their poison is so dangerous that the body turns black and the mass melts.

This is the reason why the Brazilian government issued a warning and banned the entry of humans to this island. Despite this, some scientists go there with permission from the government to do research on snakes, but they also do not go inside, only come back after doing research in the coastal area.

It is said that the price of ‘Golden Lancehead Viper’ snake present on this island is about 18 lakh rupees in the international market. That’s why some hunters go to this island secretly to catch snakes illegally and they must have been hunted by snakes.

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