Pubg Game se paise kaise kamaye 2021 me earn up to 5000rs every day


In this post you will know that Pubg game se paise kaise kamaye 2021 me Also, you will know the ways in which people are earning lakhs of rupees from PUBG.

Pubg game Today it has become so popular that everyone wants to play it. recently pubg After removing the ban, it has been launched in the name of BGMI i.e. battle ground.

Pubg Game se paise kaise kamaye 2021 me

If you do not know about pubg game, how to download or how to play PUBG then you can follow our post pubg game kaise game can read.

Now its a new update pubg new state Coming to come, which will give more opportunities to earn from your pubg, because all pubg lovers will want to see and play it.

Pubg game se paise kaise kamaye 2021 me:

Although Pubg is a game in which you do not get any option to earn money, but you can earn good money by streaming Pubg game, its tournament and selling UC & BC.

Pubg game is played all over the world as well as the number of people watching its stream is also in crores. Due to which many new ways to earn money from Pubg have been opened.

There are 3 popular and best ways to earn money online from Pubg-

1- Stream online on youtube and twitch

2- By participating in Pubg tournment, or by taking part in small competition.

3- By selling UC and BC of Pubg account.

Let us understand all these methods closely and know Pubg game se paise kaise kamaye 2021 me And how much money can you earn?

How to earn money from pubg on youtube and twitch by online stream?

Many youtubers are earning millions of rupees from ads by streaming Pubg, you too youtube You can start a stream of pubg on or on twitch.

Pubg Game se paise kaise kamaye 2021 me

First of all you should have a YouTube channel and Adsense should be approved on it, after that you upload live stream or video on YouTube.

When views start coming on your videos, then you will start getting money from adsense ads. You can earn lakhs of rupees from Adsense.

On the same Twitch, you can stream the game in the same way, when people see your stream, you get paid for the subscription.

Earn crores of rupees by winning Pubg tournments:

At the same time, PUBG organizes such tournaments in which players from all over the world participate. If you are also a good player of PUBG then you can take part in such tournaments.

Pubg Game se paise kaise kamaye 2021 me

The last time such a tournament was in 2020, the prize money was 1 crore. If you are in such a tournament If you go to jeet you can earn 1 crore rupees.

Apart from tournaments, you can also compete in small competitions. liquipedia You can play from websites like.

Earn money online by selling UC and BC of Pubg account:

If you are good at playing pubg then you would know that how difficult it is to earn uc and BC which are coins in pubg.

By the way, you can buy them in pubg but they are very expensive due to which players are not able to handle them. Players who are good at playing can easily earn these UC BC.

You can earn a lot of money by interchanging these UC with other players, you can easily buy these pubg uc. telegram will be found in the groups of.

Final words on how to earn money from pubg:

The easiest and best way to earn money from pubg is to upload the game’s stream and videos to YouTube.

You must have seen that there are millions of views on youtube on pubg videos. You can also make videos.

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