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Software Engineer is the one who keeps on bringing new technologies and keeps trying to make them better. Its main goal is to build, improve and maintain software. Currently, there is a lot of demand for software engineers in the IT sector. if you too Software Engineer Kaise Bane If you want to know about, then in this article we will provide you complete information about Software Engineer Kya Hota Hai and Software Engineer Ke Liye Konsa Subject Le etc.

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While using a computer/laptop or smartphone, you must have used many software in them. This question must have come in your mind at some point of time that who makes this software, then they are made by software engineers. If you also want to become a software engineer, then today in this article ‘Software Engineer in Hindi’ we will tell you, the work of software engineer, software engineering course, how to become a software engineer and what to do to become a software engineer. Will give important information about all these.

Becoming a software engineer is not an easy task, for this you need to make the right strategy after passing your 10th class like- choosing maths in 12th, engineering after 12th. It is very important to choose the right subject in Software Engineer Ki Padhai, so that you do not face any problem while learning programming. Software Developer Kaise Bane For this also you can do course in engineering.

What is software engineering

The main job of a Software Engineer is to create Apps and Programs for Computer, Laptop, Mobile. Whenever a new app or program comes in these things, it is made by a software engineer only and if there is any problem in it, only the software engineer knows how to fix it, because not everyone knows the language used in it. can understand.

So friends, now you must have understood what is a software engineer (What Is Software Engineering in Hindi), let us now know that software engineering kaise bane and which subject to take to become a software engineer.

Software Engineer Kaise Bane

To become a software engineer and get admission in engineering, you have to pass in 12th class with 50% marks and should also include Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects. After that you can complete your graduation in engineering or computer science (CS) from any university.

Here you should have a good knowledge of the language used to make programs or software, otherwise you will never be able to become a software engineer. In the course of software engineering, you are taught all the languages ​​which we are telling you below.

To become an engineer in any field simply means that you like to work in that field and talk about software engineer, for this you should be interested in technology like Computer, Laptop, Mobile etc. These skills will help you become a good software engineer. To become a software engineer, you have to do software engineering course.

Next we are telling you the names of some software engineer courses and some universities.

Software Engineering Ke Liye Konsa Subject Le

To become a software engineer, it is very important to choose the right course, we have taken some popular software engineering courses for you, which you can choose after passing 12th class:

After completing these courses, you can learn programming languages ​​like Java Script, PHP, Python, HTML etc. from any good institute.

Software Engineering University

  • Devi Ahilya University, Indore
  • Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Madras Christian College, Chennai
  • The Oxford College of Science, Bangalore
  • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • Nalanda Open University
  • Lovely Professional University

Apart from this, many exams are conducted for admission in engineering colleges and IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) colleges in all the states of the country like JEE Main, JEE Advance, BitSet, AIEEE, VITEEE These are all national level exams. By passing these exams you can get admission in a good college which is conducted every year.

software engineering course fee

The fee structure for software engineering courses may differ from one institute to another. Estimatedly, the fee for software engineering course can vary from around Rs 15,000 to Rs 3.20 lakh.

software engineer jobs

The main work of a software engineer includes programming, software development, making software for computer / laptop, software testing, algorithm design and analysis, making mobile apps, etc. A software engineer works from creating many apps, programs to fixing any problems in them.

Software Engineer Salary

Software engineering salary is very good, although the salary of a software engineer depends mostly on his experience. The more experience he gets, the higher will be his salary. Initially, a software engineer can get 15,000 to 20,000 as a fresher and with experience, his salary will also increase.

Software Engineering Books

There are many books available in the market of software engineering. But today we have brought some top books for you, which will help you to become a Software Engineer.

  • Software Design X-rays
  • A Philosophy Of Software Design
  • Designing Data-intensive Applications
  • Developer Hegemony
  • The Manager’s Path

Software Engineering Subject

If you are going to do Software Engineering, then you should know some of its basic things like – This course is of 4 years and all the students who become Software Engineers are taught the same subjects in the first year. Its advantage is that students get all the basic information in the first year itself, which is common in all courses. So let’s know about those basic topics:

  • Computer Programming
  • Program Design
  • Networking
  • Professional Awareness
  • Introduction For Computing
  • Academic Skills For Computing
  • Mathematics For Computing
  • Computer Architecture
  • Fundamentals Of Hardware
  • DBMS (Database Management System)

Software Engineer Jobs

There is no dearth of jobs for a software engineer, just he should have talent. For a good job, after the completion of the course, you should apply for internship in good companies. It will mean that you will know how to make software and you will come to understand and use all the languages, which means you will get experience in making software. Just now you have to apply for jobs in companies, according to your experience, you will get the job easily.

Top Companies for Software Engineers:

After becoming a software engineer, you can work in these top companies, although in which company your selection will be, it depends on your ability.

  • Google
  • Oracle
  • Wipro Ltd
  • TCS
  • Persistent
  • Cognizant
  • IBM
  • Symantec


Friends, today everyone studies Engineer, Doctor, etc. for a good job in future, so that he can go ahead and get a good job and secure his future. Because of this, today we have provided you information about becoming a software engineer, the job of a software engineer and becoming a software engineer is not an easy task.

For this, you have to complete engineering studies and at the same time you should have a good hold in Mathematics and English as well. After doing a bachelor’s course in software engineering, you can also do a master’s degree in it. Hope that information about Software Engineer Kaise Bane in Hindi and Software Engineer Ka Kya Kam Hota Hai etc. will be useful for you.

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