Due to the large number of video editing apps on the Play Store Best video editing app free for android Searching for is not an easy task. If you check to download a video editing yourself, you will take a lot of time.

In today’s time, many people shoot videos from mobile and edit the same video from mobile. On Play Store, you will get many free mobile editing apps from which you can edit your videos.

Keeping this in mind, I have discovered 5 best video editing app for you and in this post I will give you best video editing app for android Going to tell This app is perfect for editing Youtube videos, Whatsap status, Instagram, facebook etc. So let’s know about them –

Important Features for Video Editing

We should do video editing from mobile or computer, there must be some important features for video editing. Here I have told about some important features for video editing, let’s know.

Crop – With this help, we can crop as much part of the video as we want.

Animation – Used to animate any text, photo or clipart.

Video Layer – You can play the video above a photo background.

Adjust Speed ​​- You can control the speed of the video or any part of it.

Adjust Volume – You can increase or decrease the volume of the video.

Voice Record – Can record your voice

Chroma Key – You can change the back background in a Green Screen Recorded video.

Effect – You can apply many types of effect. Blending effect is very popular.

Speed ​​Control – Can increase or decrease video speed

Trim – Remove any part of the video from the middle

Text – You can add text to the video.

Best video editing app free for android

1. KineMaster video editing app

2. Power Director video editing app

3. Quik video editing app

4. vivacut video editing app

5. Alight motion video editing app

These are five video video editing apps, so that you can do video editing in android phones, details about them and download link are given below.

1. KineMaster


  • Rating – 4.4
  • Size – 92Mb
  • Download – 100M +

This app has been the best video editing app since inception. It is also used by big Youtuber. You can learn to run it well in a few days and do all kinds of video editing.

In this app you can make 16: 9 (Youtube Screen Size), 9:16 (Mobile Screen Size) and 1: 1 (Square Size) videos.

This is all in one app. With the help of this app, you can edit Youtube Video, Whatsapp Status, Photo to video and can also apply good effects.

In this, you get many features like Chroma Key, Animated Text, Video layer, Photo Layer, Adjust Speed, Adjust Volume, Crop, Merge video & Photo and Voice Record.

Download Kinemaster

2. Power Director


  • Rating – 4.5
  • Size – 60Mb
  • Download – 50M +

This app is also All in One App like Kinemaster, in this app you can do almost all types of video editing and effects, although I liked its interface less than Kinemaster but it is a powerful app for video editing. .

There are many amazing features to edit videos in this app like Merge video & Photo, Animated Text, Chroma Key, Adjust Speed, Voice Record, Stunning Blended Visuals, Video Crop, Adjust Volume, Video overlay etc.

Download Power director

3. Quik


  • Rating – 4.7
  • Size – 100Mb
  • Download – 100M +

This app is a best app for creating video status. With this app, you have been given very good effects and music with which you can create video status in full mobile screen, YouTube screen and square size in a few seconds.

If you have many photos lying in your mobile or you have come somewhere and you want to make a video in a short time by applying a great effect from the photos and video clips there, then you can use this app.

This app makes a video by adding many photos and video clips in one, it has its own music, you can change the music if you want.

In this app, you cannot edit videos like KineMaster and Power director, that is, this app is not for editing YouTube videos and movies, you can only make status videos.

Download Quik

4. Vivacut


  • Rating – 4.6
  • Size – 40Mb
  • Download – 10M +

This app for video editing is becoming quite popular among people. The special thing is that it makes the video port faster. This app is much easier to use

It has more powerfull for video editing but it has features like Chroma Key, Blending, along with features like Multi Layer Editing, Multiple Video Masking, All Round Editing tools, Professional Text and Keyframe Animation.

Download Vivacut

5. Alight Motion

 VIDEO editing app for android in india

  • Rating – 4.2
  • Size – 42Mb
  • Download – 10M +

Alight Motion is also a popular video editing app. You may have some difficulty in understanding its inter-face. Like Viva cut, you also get to see many amazing features in it.

With the help of this app you can do many types of video editing on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Movie etc. In it, you will find amazing features like Keyframe Animation, Color Adjustment, Visual Effects, Aspect Ratio, Blending Modes, Vector Graphics and 2000 Fonts.

Download Alight Motion

Dullness These are the 5 Best video editing app free for android Which you can edit your video in the best way. All these are present on the App Play Store, you can also download them by clicking on the Download button. I hope “Best video editing app in ” But you must have liked this post written on it.

If you ask me, I use Kinemaster for video editing. For any information related to the Video Editing App, you can ask in the comment and like our Facebook page for the information of our latest posts on Facebook, please be the best video editing app in hindi