What is a web series? Web Series in Hindi

If you use the internet, then you must have heard about the web series. Today’s youth are spending a lot of their time online. The craze of web series is also increasing day by day among the youth. But a lot of people do not know what a web series is. In Aj’s post, we will tell you what is a web series (Web Series in Hindi)? And how to earn money from web series?

What is a web series? What is Web Sereies?

Those who do not know about web series must have heard the news of web series like Tandava many times on news channels. And those people also want to see the web series and want to know what the problem is. So let me tell you that Web Series means Hindi series in Hindi. Web Series (Web Series in Hindi) is also called as Web Episode. A web series consists of a series of videos. Which are uploaded on the internet. If you want to know the meaning of web also, then tell you that www is called web in short form. And the full form of www is World Wide Web. We will publish a post soon for complete information about the World Wide Web.

The number of episodes in a Web Series is limited. Their time can be from 40 to 45 minutes. WebSeries are becoming very popular due to lack of time. Because if you go to see a film, then you have to take more than 2 hours and sit in front of the cinema hall or TV. But web series can be viewed anywhere on your mobile at any time. You can also watch all the videos of a Web.Series separately and together.

How to earn money from web series?

Friends, this question must be coming in your mind that how to earn money from Web Series. Because it costs money to watch a movie in a theater and film makers earn crores of rupees. So let us tell you that crores of rupees are being earned today from the Web Series too. There are many ways to earn money from a Web Series.

Let us tell you that the Web Series is not released on TV or cinema but is released on the online internet platform. On many of these platforms, you can watch the Web Series for free and for some platforms you have to pay.

Youtube is the most popular platform in the free platform. Here you will get to see many web series for free. Here the creators of the Web Series monetize their videos by advertising and make money. You must have seen AIDS while watching the video. Adsense ads are placed on youtube. Along with this, money is also earned by YouTube Premium Channel Membership. You have to pay for watching YouTube Premium channel.

To watch Web Series on paid platform, you have to pay their subscription charge. And those who upload their Web Series on these platforms get paid according to the number of active users or subscriptions on that platform. The more people watch videos or web series on the platform, the more money is paid to the subscription creators.

Apart from this, if a company making a web series uses a product in its video, then that company pays a good amount of money to the creator of that web series, which gets its publicity.

If you are also interested in film making line, then you have a very good chance of showing your art, you can also make a career with it.

How to create a web series?

Friends, you must have seen that our film artists live in Mumbai. Because most of the Hindi films are made in Mumbai itself. Mumbai has been a one-way authority in this field. But after the arrival of internet, a lot of opportunities have opened up for other states as well. Today, people of small towns are also making small movies and web series on the Internet. Today, millions of movies and web series are watched online on youtube.

If you are also interested in this field, then you too can make your own films or web series. You can upload your created web series in free reverse form like youtube or facebook at any time. If you have made a film on a very good story, then you can also contact big online platforms like Amazon Prime, Hot Star, G5.

You do not even need a lot of equipment to create a web series. All you need is a good camera, artist, and location to shoot. It is very important to have a good story as well. For the camera, you can talk to a photo studio near you, which shoots for wedding-parties.
Once your video is shot, you need a special effect. This effect is very important to make any web series popular. They can be killed in the video. To insert special effects and VFX in the web series, you can definitely read some of the costs. Because you don’t get around you.
Once your great Web Sereies are ready, you will not have to wander much. Because to release it like films, you do not have to go round the cinema hall owners. You can upload them at any time on the free platform.

If your story has power, no one will stop it from being a hit. And if once your Web Sereies become popular, then you will easily buy the next web series on big online platforms or OTT platforms.

What are the major platforms of Web Series? OTT platforms in India

Friends, after taking a lot of information about Web Sereies, you will also want to see good web series. And you definitely want to know where to watch the web series. With this, you will also want to know about the OTT platform. Because nowadays big film production companies release their Web Series on the OTT platform itself. Because their audience is in millions.

Free Series of Web Series – Free Web Series Patforms

If you want to watch Web.Sereies for free, then the first and the biggest name comes from yOUtUBE. Today, very big film production houses share their web series on youtube. And those who have been hit on the online platform on their own, they still upload their web series on youtube. Which you can see for free.

In countries like America, youtube prime subscription is also very famous. Where people charge for watching videos.

Paid Platform of Web Series? OTT Full Form

Apart from the free platform, the most popular medium to watch the Web Series is the mobile app or ott platform. Here you can see the webseries of your choice. You must have heard the name of OTT many times. OTT Full Form (ott full form) Used to be Over the Top. OTT Platforms are a mobile app only. Where you get to see many web series and movies in one place.

You can access OTT Platforms in your mobile through the application. And if you want to have fun in laptop, computer or smart TV, you can also see the web series of your choice by logging on to the website of the same platform.

All these big OTT Platforms are paid. This means you have to take a subscription plan of these OTT platforms to watch the web series. Just like you pay the month’s charge for your TV only or Tata Sky, similarly these OTT platforms have to be charged. Due to which the people of these platforms and those who make web series earn.

Top OTT Platforms – Top OTT Platforms in India

Friends, now you must also know which OTT PLATFORM are available in our country. Because everyone has come to know about TV channels. But online OTT platforms have come up for discussion. So now let’s see which paid OTT platforms are seen here

  1. Zee5
  2. Amazon prime
  3. SonyLIV
  4. Netflix
  5. Disney hotstar
  6. Ullu
  8. MX Player
  9. TvFPlay

It is all online video sharing platforms for which you have to pay subscription charge. If you also make a web series, you can also share on these platforms. To share, you have to follow some of their rules.

How to watch web series?

After looking at the list of OTT PATFORM, you also need to know how to download them. Because today a lot of Indian users are new in the world of Internet. So tell you that the OTT platform on which you want to watch the web series, download the mobile app on your mobile. Which you Google play store I will go After that take its subscription plan. After that, a list of many videos and films will be opened in front of you. And now you can watch your favorite movies or movies at any time.

It is very important for you to have a good and unlimited internet connection to watch the web series. Because it costs a lot to watch online videos. Due to the quality of these web series being very good, their size is also very high. If you do not have good net speed, then your video will play intermittently. And if your data is not unlimited, then it will be finished soon.

What are the top web series? Best web series Hindi

After downloading the OTT platform to view the web series, people often ask which website should be placed. What is the best web series hindi? So, we have brought a list of some popular online Hindi web series for you. Which you will definitely like.

Web Series List

• Paatal Lok
• Special Ops
• Mirzapur
• Yeh Meri Family
• Made In Heaven
• Breathe
• Kota Factory
• Tripling
• Aarya
• Panchayat
• Sacred Games
• The Family Man
• Jaamtara
• Criminal Justice
• Asur
• A Suitable Boy

The conclusion

Friends, in today’s post, we have tried to give you very useful information regarding web series. In today’s post you learned “What is a web series? (Web Series in Hindi) How to earn money from web series? What are OTT Platforms? Top OTT Platform in India Which are With this, we told you how you can earn money from the Web Series. How to create a Web Series.

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