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BPO Full Form There is “business process outsourcing” which is a method of subcontracting various business-related tasks to third party vendors. It is a company’s contract for an external provider of services or business processes. It is a cost-saving measure that allows companies to outsource non-core functions. If you want to know what is BPO Kya Hai (What is BPO in Hindi) and BPO Meaning in Hindi, read this article completely.

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India’s economy may have grown rapidly in the last 5 years, but employment opportunities are continuously decreasing, on the other hand, in this era of unemployment, BPO has completely helped in providing employment to the youth. In BPO company, youth are fast turning and making their career. The reason for this is to get jobs easily and get good salary with less skills. This is a great career option for the youth.

Apart from BPO, if you also want to know what happens in BPO Telecaller Means and BPO Telecaller Means in Hindi, you will also get to know in this post just till the end in the made post.

What is BPO

It is an outsourced process in which third-party providers are involved in the management on a contract basis. BPO is usually classified as outsource to back office which includes internal business operations such as human resources, finance and accounting and front office outsourcing includes customer service such as BPO call center.

In BPO, if a company is contracted outside the country then it is called Offshore Outsourcing and if a contract is made with a neighboring country company then it is called Nearshore Outsourcing. The main purpose of BPO is to get people to work at low wages.

Many big companies from outside outsource their services to other countries, where a large number of workers are found in low wages. So this was BPO Ke Baare Mein Jankari, come on now What is Full Form of BPO?.

BPO Full Form

BPO Ka Full Form in English is “Business Process Outsourcing”. BPO full form in Hindi is “Business Process Outsourcing”.

BPO Full Form In Marathi is “Business Process Outsourcing” which also means the same in Marathi (BPO Meaning In Marathi).

Telecaller BPO Meaning In Hindi

Have you ever thought that, this BPO Call Center Kya Hota Hai (What is BPO Telecaller) then let us tell you that, call center is also called BPO. Both of these are same. The call center is known for providing customer service. BPO Full Form In Call Center “BPO Call Center is a team of outsourced agents who handle incoming and outgoing customer calls for other businesses.

You must be aware that a call is made to the call center to get information about the service of the SIM, which you must have done many times. Those whom we call customer care executives are the same customer service or BPO service providers. Generally, both BPO and call center have many functions.

Mobile Industry


Travel Industries


Technical Support


Hospitality Service


Software Support


BPO Ke Labh

You will also get many benefits from outsourcing business process, some of which you can know further.

  • Cost Reduction – By this outsourcing organization helps to cut cost and save money, it brings better employees at less cost. As a result of which the company gets good revenues.
  • Experienced Professionals – There is a lot of difficulty in recruiting and training new employees, in which the company has to spend a good amount of money.

Hiring and BPO training troubles can be avoided when all the resources are outsourced to an established company.

  • Improved Human Resources – A better human resource is one of the major advantages of outsourcing business process. Companies need a productive and efficient human resource (HR) that can generate economies of scale.
  • Excellent Employment Opportunity – The BPO industry creates the highest number of jobs in many countries. BPO salary provides good to the employees that is why youth prefer to work here.

BPO In Hindi (Career In BPO)

For your information, let us tell you that there are two types of BPO Call Center. One is the international call center and the other is the domestic call center. To get a job in an international call center, you should know how to speak English well.

Whereas in the domestic or domestic call center, if your English is not very good, you will still get the job easily, because in the domestic call center, most of the customers are found speaking in Hindi. Apart from this, it is very important to have good basic knowledge of computer and typing speed.

bpo jobs

There are all these job opportunities in BPO companies, you can do jobs in all these fields.

  • operations management
  • content management
  • Research and Analytics
  • legal services
  • Training & Consultancy
  • data analytics

Types Of BPO

By the way, there are many companies in the world that provide BPO service to other organizations, so keeping these few things in mind, its types are divided.

  • Offshore Outsourcing:- Offshore outsourcing is done when your company hires a foreign company to meet the related requirement of some work.
  • Onshore Outsourcing:- Onshore outsourcing is done when a company contracts with a company operating in the same country.
  • Nearshore Outsourcing:- Nearshore outsourcing is when a company contracts for services provided by companies located in neighboring countries.


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