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What is Diode? How To Check Diode With Multimeter? Diode plays an important role in any electronic circuit. This is the component, which prevents any kind of damage to the mobile even if the wrong supply is given in the PCB.

In this section we will see about Diode, what is Diode? (what is diode) and how diode is checked by multimeter. (How to check diode with multimeter) and how many types of diodes are there in Mobile PCB.

What is Diode? What is Diode?

Diode It is a semiconductor component which is made by mixing P and N type material. The P part has holes and the N part has extra electrons. Where P type and N type meet, it is called joint barrier. In a diode, the P type end is called the Anode and the N type end is called the Cathode.

Diodes are used in the circuit to convert AC current into DC current. The property of a diode is that it blocks current from one side and passes current from the other side. Due to which Negative Current and Positive Current can be separated. For this reason Diode is used to convert AC to DC. This is the reason why it was named Rectifier Diode.

When a P type semi conductor is mixed with an N type semi conductor, the device made in this way is called a Semi Conductor Diode. Such constructed PN junction provides low resistance for the direction of impact of current and high resistance for the other direction.

Use of Diode in PCB

(1) to switch
(2) Rectification

Types of Diodes

  1. PN Diode
  2. LED (Light-Emitting Diode)
  3. Zener Diode

How to check diode with multimeter?

Set the Multimeter to Beep Mode. Try touching the probe on both ends of the diode, if one side shows reading and the other side does not read, then the diode is correct.

If the sound of beep comes when the probe is touched at both ends of the diode then it is short.

If the reading is not available at both the ends, then the diode has been opened.

Note – in diode + And Therefore, it is necessary to take care of its terminal while installing it.

Identifying Diode in PCB

What is Diode?  How To Check Diode With Multimeter?