What is google ads , how to add ad on google, information 2021

What is google ads

Google ads its Youtube Channel, Website and App Is the best way to promote. You can run Ads on Google through Google Ads.

Many people don’t know How to add ad on Google in 2021 In this post I will tell you about Google Ads and how to use it for promotion (How to use google ads for promotion).

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads It is Google’s own product and it is used to run ads on Google. this one Online Advertising Service And companies are on Google Advertisement Uses it to do.

Some time ago its Name Google Adwords Was And later the name was changed to Google Ads. People are able to promote their product and service and reach people by using Google Ads only.

The special thing about Google Ads is that you can choose your audience according to it, so that your ads are visible only to interested people, so that people give maximum response to your service.

If you have a Youtube channel, website or an App, then you can run Ads on Google using Google Ads very easily.

Let me tell you that Google Ads is responsible for running Google products like Youtube, Playstore, Google Search Engine and elsewhere.

Google is a very big company and if it thinks carefully then everything belongs to it, that is why it has a large number of audience. By using Google Ads, you can reach out to millions of people very soon.

Google AIDS How does it work

As told to you Google aids One Advertising Platform With the help of which you can find your website, Youtube and Playstore advertisement Can run

When you create your account on Google Ads and set up a campaign to promote a service, then your advertisement goes to the review.

Which is checked by Google Ads team. If everything is correct and your advertisment is not against Google’s policy then your Ads gets approved and the advertisment starts.

Google aids How to create a new account? And how to take 2000 credit?

It is very easy to create an account on Google Ads, here I will tell you how to create an account of Google Ads with step by step photo, as well as how to take 2000 rupees Ad Credit.

To create an account on Google Ads, all you have to do is log in with your Gmail Id. After this do you have to follow the following steps?

1. First on your Web Browser’s search bar “Google ads 2000 creditSearch and click on the first link.

What is Google Aids? What is Google Adwords?

2. To enter your Gmail Id on the new page and click Captcha Solve on Get Offer Code. After this, a mail will come to your Gmail, in which Coupon Code will be given 2000 rupees credit.

What is Google Aids? What is Google Adwords?

3. Click Get Started and click on New google Ads Account. Scroll down and click on Switch to Expert Mode. After that you have to click on Create account Without a Campaign.

What is Google Aids? What is Google Adwords?

4. On the new page, click on Submit and then click on Explore Your Account. After following all these steps, your Google ads account will be created.

What is Google Aids? What is Google Adwords?

To get the credit of Rs 5 Gogle Ads 2000 you have to click on Settings & billing and click on Promotion.

What is Google Aids? What is Google Adwords?

6. Here you have to apply Billing Address and Payment methods II, click on Agree and click on Submit and click on Complete.

7. After this, click on Promotions again and click on the button with Plus, copy and paste the coupon code on your Gmail ID and click on the Submit button.

8. After clicking on the Submit button, your Coupon Code will be applied. Now, if you run an Ad of all the money within 2000 rupees for 31 days, then Google will add more rupees to your account.

If you have read the post till here, then you must have known about how to create a Google Ads Account and get 2000 rupees credit, now I am going to tell you about how to run a New Campaign, so let us know.

How to run Ad Campaign on Google Ads.?

You can run many different types of Ads Campaign on Google Ads. There are options to run campaigns like Sales, Leads, Website Traffic, Product and Brand Consideration, Brand Awareness and Reach, App Promotion, Local Store Visits and Promotions.

If your Goal is not Decide, then you can run Ad by clicking Create A Campaign Without a Goals’s Guidence and processing the rest. Here I will tell you to promote Youtube video through Google Ads, so let’s know.

How to YouTube Youtube Video Promote?

First of all, you have to open Google Ads account and click on New Campaign to run the campaign, follow the steps below for further processing.

1. Click on Create a Campaign Without a Goal’s Audience and click on Video After this

Click on Continue by clicking Custom Video Campaign.

2. Campaign Name – To enter the name of the campaign in it, you can also enter the short title of Youtube Video.

3. Bidding Strategy – It has to click on CPV.

4. Budget and dates In this, you have to put the total budget in the Campaign Total and fill the Start Date and End Date. When you fill all these things, it calculates below and informs about the expenditure in the Daily Campaign.

5. Networks – In this, you have to tick both the above options on Youtube Search Results and Youtube Videos. Tick ​​on “YouTube Videos” shows your video, skippable ads.

6. Language – Here you can choose Hindi or English language.

7. Location – Here you have to select the country where you want to promote your video, you can choose more than one country.

8. Inventory type – Click on Expanded in it, followed by ticking Embedded Youtube videos and Live Streaming videos in Excluded types.

After clicking on Device, you can select Computer, Mobile, Tablet and Tv Screens where you want to show ads. In Frequency Capping, you have to click on Cap Impression and write 1 and select Per Month.

9. Ad Group – Here also you can enter the short title of the video and Demographics I want to select your Audience Type.

Here you can select Audience according to Gender, Age, Parental Status and Household Income. After this, you have to select his interest in Audience.

10. Keywords – Here you have to enter the Targeted Keyword so that when someone searches your Targeted Keyword, it will also see your Ads.

11. Bidding – Here you have to enter the money that you want to pay according to the Per Vews that come on your video.


12. Create Your Video Ad – After this, on Your Youtube videos you have to put a link to your video that you want to promote.

13. Video Ad format – Here you can apply Thumbnail of your video. After this, select the Video Ad format. If your budget is less then you can just click on Video discovery Ad.

You have to put the title of Youtube in the headline and you have to fill the other things, on the same side, you can see the preview of how your advertisment will show on YouTube.

14. After all settings are done, click on Create Campaign. If you did not apply coupon code initially while creating Google Ads account, then you can enter coupon code here.

15. After this, if you have not added any money to your Google Ads account, now you have to make a payment by Selecet Payment Method to run the campaign and tick the I agree and click on the Submit button.

Now Msg of Congrats You’re Al Done will be seen here. After this your campaign will go to Review and after being approved, your video will start to be viewed.

What is Google Ads App?

Google Ads App is another form of google ads website, from here you can stay connected with your Ads Campaigns and see their status and progress things.

The advantage of Google Aids app is that you do not have to talk about opening the website, you can easily know and manage your campaigns through the app.

This app has a rating of 4.4 stars on the Play Store and has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The size of this app is 10 million.

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