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What is Micro Niche Blog? In Hindi : friends if you Blogging If I want to earn more money in less time and less traffic then Micro Niche Blog Making it will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Micro Niche Blog making you Affiliate Marketing By doing this you will be able to earn very well. if you don’t know that How to do Micro Niche Blog Kya hai and Micro Niche Blog. So in this article we have told you the complete case study of Micro Niche Blog.

What is Micro Niche Blog - How to do Micro Niche Blogging - Complete information in Hindi

as well as some Micro Niche Blog Topic Idea Told about which you can get success in blogging by creating a Micro Niche Blog. So let’s start this article without delay.

What is Micro Niche Blogging – Micro Niche Blog Kya Hai

Micro means subtle (small) and Niche means subject (topic). Means Micro Niche Blogging is a blog on which articles related to a keyword of the same topic are written, it is called Micro Niche Blog.

Like a smartphone is a Niche, and if the blog is written only about Samsung’s phone, then it comes under a Micro Niche Blog.

Skills Required for Micro Niche Blog

To create a Micro Niche Blog, it is very important for you to have knowledge of Blogging, only then you can create a micro niche blog.

Because to create Micro Niche Blog, Keyword Research has to be done well. The SEO of the blog has to be improved, the setup of the blog has to be made good, only then can Micro Niche Blog perform well.

Therefore, to start a Micro Niche Blog, there should be a good understanding of blogging.

How to Create a Micro Niche Blog

Now we are going to give you a complete guide of Micro Niche Blog, which after reading and understanding well, you can create a successful Micro Niche Blog.

Follow These 10 Steps To Create Micro Niche Blog

How to do Micro Niche Blogging

1 – Select the Niche of Micro Blogging

To create a Micro Niche Blog, you have to choose Niche very carefully. Always choose such a niche in which you have knowledge. Or the topic about which you like to know.

2 – Buy a good domain related to Niche

After selecting Niche, you have to buy a domain in which your main keyword is. Like if you create a Micro Niche Blog on Fitness, then you must use the word Fitness in the domain.

You can buy domain from Godaddy. Here you will get Top Level Domain at cheap price.

3 – Do Keyword Research for Micro Blogging

After buying the domain, you have to prepare a complete list of 50 to 100 keywords on which you will write the article. You should also find out Monthly Searches, CPC and Difficulty on all keywords.

To do Keyword Research, you SEMrush Tool can use. SEMrush is a very powerful digital marketing tool, with the help of which you can find the list of complete keywords for Micro Niche Blog.

4 – Buy good hosting for blogging

To create a micro niche blog, you need a powerful hosting that can perform well. You A2 Hosting, Cloudways, Bluehost You can buy hosting from Their hosting speed is very good.

This hosting is a bit expensive. But if you want hosting at cheap price then you Hostinger Also buy hosting from. Hostinger performs well in India.

5 – Choose the right theme

Always choose a Light Weight Theme for Micro Niche Blog because website speed matters a lot in Micro Niche Blog. And by using a Light Weight Theme, half your work is done.

Generatepress is the very best theme of WordPress website which boosts the speed of your website. To know more about Generatepress theme visit our Generatepress theme review Read the post.

6 – Select the WordPress Plugin of Micro Niche

Select the best plugin for how you want to design your blog. You get many plugins in WordPress which can give a professional look to your blog.

If you want, tell us 18 best wordpress plugin You can also use .

7 – Start writing the first blog related to Niche

After doing all this a good setup of your blog will be made. Now your Micro Niche Start Writing Articles for Blog,

Optimize Your Article Well On Page SEO. Use your Focus Keyword well. And do not use Black Hat SEO at all. Also make the image SEO friendly.

8 – Do SEO of Micro Niche Blog

now your Do SEO of Blog, By the way, after selecting Theme and Hosting, 60% of your blog’s technical SEO is completed. But even after this many errors have been coming. Like Broken Link, Negative SEO which can rank down the blog. Therefore, do complete SEO of your blog and do an SEO audit twice a week.

9 – Monetize Micro Blog

Monetize your blog now. You Google AdSense You can also earn money from your blog and also through Affiliate Marketing.

If you do Affiliate Marketing in Micro Niche Blog then you can earn a lot more money than Google AdSense. Because Micro Niche Blog always has Quality Traffic and the Conversion Rate is also good.

10 – Update old post and create backlink

Now keep updating all your old posts one by one and Backlink Keep making by this your The authority of the blog will increase, And the blog will also be updated regularly.

If you publish and update the blog at a fixed time, then your micro blog can be successful and you can easily become a successful blogger.

Benefits of Micro Niche Blog – Benefit Micro Niche Blog In Hindi

There are many benefits of creating a Micro Niche Blog. Information about their benefits, you will definitely think about creating a Micro Niche Blog.

1 – Micro Niche Blogging requires less effort

You do not have to work hard in Micro Niche Blog. Just 6 – 7 months of starting it requires some hard work. When you write 50 to 100 posts in the blog, then you do not need to update much. Just occasionally update your old posts, make backlinks, and keep Technical SEO right.

2 – Micro Blog ranks quickly in Google

Micro Niche Blogs get ranked quickly in Google as compared to other normal blogs, because Google The Algorithm of it is understood that about which topic is written in the blog. And he gets the blog ranked quickly on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

3 – Good Earning Even in Micro Niche Low Traffic

The advantage of doing Micro Niche Blogging is that you become an expert by targeting a particular type of audience. Therefore, this type of blog does not require much traffic. You can earn good money from Micro Niche Blog by doing Affiliate Marketing.

4 – In Micro Niche Blog, people of their meaning are found

There are many people in this world, we need only those people who mean to us. By creating Micro Niche Blog, we can reach only the people of our meaning. This is one of the biggest advantages of Micro Niche Blog that it has Quality Traffic.

5 – Become an Expert in a Topic in Micro Niche Blogging

In creating Micro Niche Blog, we have to do research on only one topic. And write about that. That’s why we know a lot about that topic. And become an expert in that topic.

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8 Best Micro Niche Blog Topic Idea in Hindi

Now we will tell about Micro Niche Topic which will prove to be very profitable. If you have created your blog on any one of these 7 niches, then you can start earning from blog very quickly.

1 – Baby Care

This is a Best Profitable Micro Niche Blog Topic. With this blog topic, you can target those moms who want to know more about baby care. There can be a bit of competition in this topic because most of the new moms use the internet to know about baby care.

There are some Keyword Idea for this type of blog like –

  • How to care new born baby
  • Best baby product
  • baby care tips for new mom
  • best powder for new born baby

You can work on many such keywords.

2 – Exercise Blog

This There will also be a little competition in this type of blog. But Exercise Blog After working hard, you can earn good money.

Most of the people who go to the gym or who think about going to the gym, or who are at home Exercise Those people visit this type of blog a lot.

There are some Keyword Idea for this type of blog like –

  • Best Exercise in home
  • Morning Workout for man
  • Abs Workout in home
  • gym schedule for beginners

3 – Smart Phone

This can prove to be a best Niche for a Tech Blogger. In this type of blog, you can create a blog on top of a company’s phone. You can earn well in this type of blog.

In this type of blog, if you write a blog on the iPhone, then you can tell about the review of the upcoming new phone of the iPhone. Can tell the price of iPhone. After doing a little research, you will get many keywords.

4 – Smart Phone Camera

Whenever people buy a new phone, they definitely see about the camera of the phone. If you create a Micro Niche Blog on top of Smartphone Camera, then it will give you a lot of profit later on.

There are some Keyword Idea for this type of blog like –

  • best smartphone camera for selfie
  • Smartphone camera lens kit
  • Smartphone camera review

5 – Online Course

This is also a Profitable Blog Niche because nowadays most people search more about Online Courses. A lot of traffic comes in this type of blog and earning is also good.

Some Keyword Idea for this type of blog –

  • Best Digital Marketing Course
  • Best Online Course for Banking
  • Online Course for Public Speaking
  • Website Designing online course

6 – Temple Tour

If you are fond of traveling, this Niche is best for you. Because before going for a walk in a temple, people search about that temple on the Internet. You will need some hard work on this niche because there is more competition in it.

There are some Keyword Idea for this Niche –

  • Kedarnath Tour Package
  • Temple Tour Package in India
  • Temple Tour Guide in India

7 – Green Tea

Green Tea is a very popular topic nowadays. People search a lot about Green Tea, so if you create a Micro Niche Blog on Green Tea, then you can earn well from it.

Some Keyword Ideas for Green Tea

  • Green Tea Recipe
  • Green Tea Benefit
  • Green Tea for weight loss
  • Healthy Green Tea Recipe

8 – Web Series Review

If you are fond of watching web series then you can create this type of blog. Nowadays a new web series keeps coming on Amazon prime, Netflix. Even before the release of Web Series, people keep searching about it on the Internet. If you create this type of blog then it will be very beneficial.

In this type of blog, you can cover this type of topic like Web Series release date, Web Series review, Web Series cast.

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conclusion , What is Micro Niche Blog?

Friends, through this article we have given you What is Micro Niche Blog? And the complete guide of Micro Niche Blog. And at the same time you will get 10 such Micro Niche Blog Topic Idea in Hindi It has been told about which you can earn good money by writing a blog.

By reading this article you can easily Can Start a Micro Niche Blog, And you can earn good money from your blog. Hope you liked this article. Share this article with as many people as possible so that they can also benefit.

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