What is mini computer and its types (Mini Computer In Hindi)


Mini Computer Kya Hai In Hindi: depending on its size and properties computer There are many types about which we have told you in our previous articles, in today’s article we will tell you about Mini Computer, an important type of computer.

In this article you will get to know that Mini Computer what is, Mini computer To Who? And When Make, Mini computer Of type, Mini computer Of Features, Mini computer of Use Where? did go Is And Mini computer Of Advantages And Harm what Is,

What is Mini Computer and its Types (What is Mini Computer In Hindi)

If you read the article till the end, then you will get all the above information about mini computer. So let’s start today’s article without taking much of your time, know more What is mini computer in detail in hindi.

What is Mini Computer

A mini computer is a type of computer that has most of the features and capabilities of a larger computer but is smaller in size.

A mini computer is a medium sized computer, which has all the qualities of an ordinary computer. mini computer microcomputer are more powerful than mainframe computer And super computer are much less powerful than A mini computer is a computer between the micro and the mainframe, hence it is also called Mid Range System.

Multiple users can work together on a mini computer. These computers are based on multiprocessing system, as they have two or more processors.

mini computers are used in businesses, file management, database management, Inventory Management, Billing, Accounting etc. is used in the work. Minicomputers began to be developed in the mid 1960s.

History of Mini Computer

The world’s first mini computer was made by the IBM company. IBM created a mini computer named PAP 1 (Programmable Data Processor 1) in the 1960s. This is where the mini computer started. PAP 1 is a very popular mini computer, IBM made this computer keeping business in mind.

The mini computer was made bigger in size than the microcomputer and its cost was also much higher than the microcomputer. The price of PAP 1 at that time was 16000 US dollars, which is a very high price in Indian Rupees. With the advancement of technology, today mini computers have become somewhat smaller in size, and their cost has come down.

Example of Mini Computer

Following are some examples of mini computers –

  • IBM’s AS/400e,
  • Honeywell200,
  • TI-990
  • Control data’s CDC 160A and CDC 1700
  • Interdata 7/32 and 8/32
  • Apple Mac mini

Types of Mini Computer

Nowadays we use many types of mini computers as gadgets in daily life. We have told you about some mini computers below in this article.

1 – Smartphone

The concept of Smartphone was introduced by Apple in 2007, since then the smartphone has become very popular all over the world. Smartphones are a type of mini computer, which are used for everything from phone calls to other computing processes. android Smartphones are used for playing games, watching videos, surfing the Internet and other computing tasks.

2 – Tablet

Tablets are also an example of a mini computer, they are also used for many types of computing tasks. Nowadays tablets are widely used in daily activities.

picture of mini computer
picture of mini computer

3 – iPad

iPad is a tablet PC provided by the Apple company. It is used for entertainment, gaming, surfing and other types of computing tasks.

4 – Drawing Tables

drawing table It is used by graphic designers for drawing and sketching. drawing table like photoshop, illustrator Software With the help of the program, drawings and sketches are made on the screen.

Features of Mini Computer

Some of the main features of mini computer are as follows –

  • A mini computer is a medium sized computer. Smaller than mainframe and supercomputer and bigger than microcomputer.
  • Mini computers are multi-tasking, they can do many tasks simultaneously.
  • Along with Multi Tasking, Mini Computers are Multi Processing, in which two or more Processor So many users can work on the mini computer at the same time.
  • The storage capacity of mini computer is more as compared to micro computer.
  • Mini computers are mostly used in small organizations.

Uses of Mini Computer

Mini computers are used in various fields, some of its major uses are as follows.

  • mini computer access business is done in Accounting.
  • They are used in managing files, databases, inventories etc.
  • Mini computers are used in various departments to reduce the workload of mainframe computers.
  • Mini computers are also used for day-to-day tasks such as video editing, gaming, and other computing tasks.
  • Mini computers are also used in scientific calculations.

Advantages of Mini Computer

Following are some of the advantages of mini computer –

  • Mini computer is easy to use, any person can use mini computer with little training.
  • Mini computers are small in size, so they are easy to move from one place to another.
  • Mini computers are faster and more reliable than microcomputers.
  • They cost much less than mainframe computers.
  • Mini computers consume less power.

Disadvantage of Mini Computer

Following are some of the disadvantages of mini computers –

  • Although mini computers are cheaper than mainframe computers, they are not cheap enough that a normal income user can easily buy them. Like Apple products.
  • The keyboard in a mini computer is small, so there may be problems in typing.
  • The storage capacity of a mini computer is not very high, you may have to use External Storage Device to store the data.
  • some mini computers without USB Port arrives.
  • in mini computer CD And DVD drive are not.

FAQ: What is a Mini Computer

What are examples of mini computers?

Some examples of mini computers are Apple Mac mini, IBM’s AS/400e, Honeywell200 etc.

What is another name for mini computer?

Mini computers are also called mid range computers or medium sized computers.

How many persons can work together on a mini computer?

A maximum of 200 people can work in a mini computer simultaneously.

What is the name of the world’s first mini computer?

The world’s first minicomputer was the PAP 1 (Programmable Data Processor 1), which was created by IBM in the 1960s.

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