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Friends, you all must know about Microsoft Office, but have you ever heard the name of Microsoft Access, if not! So today in this post we will know what is MS Access? What is its use? how to use And how to download for free? All about MS Access In Hindi?

Friends, Microsoft is a well-known name in the computer world. Which has many products such as microsoft word, excel, powerpoint etc. Along with this, there is a special program of Microsoft about which very few people are aware. Yes, the name of that software is ms access Do you know about ms access! If not, then today’s article is for you!

Friends, you must have used Microsoft Word Excel by now! But you may not be aware of what Microsoft Access can do for you. Because when you open this software on your PC, you will not get to see much information there!

So in today’s article we will know what is Microsoft Access? What is its use? And what is its history! Apart from this, we will also learn about the basic functions of Microsoft Excel. Because it is a data management software that is very beneficial for computer users to learn to use. Come on friends without wasting any time, first of all know What Is MS Access In Hindi: What is Microsoft Access?

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What is Microsoft Access? – What Is MS Access In Hindi

Microsoft Access In simple words, MS Access is an information management tool! Which stores information for reference, reporting and analysis. ms access helps you to analyze large amount of information. And it manages related data efficiently than other applications Microsoft or other spreadsheet programs!

When you create a file on Microsoft Access, it is called a database. In the same way that saved files are named spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. The specialty of access is that even a person who does not have technical knowledge, that is, does not have knowledge of programming language! So that person can also create and manage the database.

Since it works on GUI (Graphical User Interface) it is easy to use! But you should already have a little knowledge of how to use it! Microsoft Access was first launched in the year 1996 and is also a part of Microsoft Office package. Microsoft Access stores data in its own format called the Access Jet Database Engine. Which is available with graphical user interface and software development tools.

At the time of launch of version 1.0 before MS Access, this software worked properly with small database. But while storing large files, the chances of data croupt increased. But with each new version of Microsoft Access, new updates and features were launched in Microsoft Access! Due to which it was easily used for small and large databases.

Microsoft Access can be used by software developers, data architects and power users to develop software. Friends, now we know what are the uses of microsoft access?

Advantages of Microsoft Access – Benefits Of MS Access In Hindi

Friends, now we know what is the use of Microsoft Access! Friends, to understand its usefulness, we have to take the help of an example. Suppose you have a company where many employees work. You have to manage the information of those employees like name, number, e-mail, salary etc.

So if you store this information in a register (notebook), then when you have to get complete information about name, phone number etc. of any one person among so many employees, then you will take a lot of time in searching the registers!

But if you use ms access in the computer instead of register to store the data of the employees of that company, then it will be very easy for you! If you want information about any person, then you will be able to get complete information of that person in a few seconds!

  • First of all, you can store any kind of information you want in MS Access as a database!
  • You’re going to have a hard time finding anything with a large database! But ms access allows users many tools like shorting, searching and creating their own tool! With which you can easily get store information in a single or group!
  • When you or the company has a large amount of data available! So sometimes there are chances of getting lost due to not organizing that data properly. But MS Access takes the responsibility of keeping your data organized and secure.
  • Powerful reporting tools are available in Microsoft Access! Which you can use to create print and onscreen reports. These reports pages can be made beautiful through colors and different fonts!
  • ms access is used to store data in business, schools/colleges and other areas.
  • Access saves time and energy! Because we can easily import, recycle the data in access. So that we do not have to re-enter the details again and again. In addition, users can share Microsoft Access database files with other Microsoft applications.
  • Access not only gives you access to forms, but it also allows you to create weekly forms. So that anyone can enter those records! It makes data entry easy and fast.
  • Provides central location for Microsoft Access data. With which you are able to store, control and secure the data.
  • Microsoft Access helps keep database files encrypted and password protected! In this way you have complete control over the information.

Friends, in this way you learned about the usefulness of ms access and its benefits. Now let us go ahead and know how you can open ms access on your computer!

How to use Microsoft Access?

To use ms access on computer, first you have to press windows key. And now you have to type ms access in the search bar. As you type, ms-access application will appear in front of you. Click on it. And Microsoft Access will be open in your computer

Friends, if you do not have MS Access installed in your computer, then we have told in the previous article how to download Microsoft Office package! So you can read that article and install Microsoft Access in your computer!

Friends, we have learned to open Microsoft Access! But how can I use it? To use its features, we have to learn it, so let us know how you can learn Microsoft Access?

How to learn Microsoft Access?

Online Learning

Secondly, if you have internet connection then you can learn to use ms-access through internet without spending money sitting at home. Today things are taught by experts on youtube from basic to advanced level of MS Access in English and Hindi language. You can start learning ms access through these videos and use them on your computer!

Apart from this, if you want to know about any feature of MS Access! And if you want to learn to use it, then you can get complete information with the help of youtube, google! Friends, in this way you can learn to use ms access online.

Coaching Center

You can go to any good computer coaching center near you where Microsoft Office is taught! You can go there to learn ms-access and you can ask them what you are being taught in this. This way you can spend a few months in an institute and learn live access by teachers!

So friends, you can learn to use access both online and offline! And you can use the features of ms access to your advantage.

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History Of Microsoft Access – History Of MS Access In Hindi

At the end of the year 1996, Microsoft released the first version 1.0 of MS Access on desktop in Windows operating systems. Released as a database application! And within a few months i.e. in the year 1993, the new version 1.1 of MS Access was launched so that it can be easily compatible with other products of Microsoft Office!

Microsoft launched Access 3.1 in the same year due to performance issues with the Windows 1.1 version. Which proved to be a much improved version from other versions. After that many versions of MS Access were launched and the year 2007 brought a big change in the history of Microsoft Access.

This year Microsoft Access launches a new file format! Including new data types such as multi-value attachments. Along with this new GUI (Graphical User Interface) was available in this version of ms-access which had Microsoft Office ribbon bar and this made it easy to manage ms access objective.

Due to the look & feel and rich template layouts of this version, using it became more user-friendly than ever! Due to which the number of users of MS Access increased rapidly. Even after that Microsoft Access launched other versions and at present its latest version is MS Access 2019!

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Basic Functions Of MS Access In Hindi

Basic Functions of Microsoft Access!

Access Workspace

A workspace that uses the access database engine to access data sources. This data source can also be a database access file.

Aggregate Function

Functions such as Sum, Count, Avg, or Var that are used to calculate total!


query that copies and changes data Action queries include append, delete, make-table, and update queries. These are identified by the exclamation point(!).

Action List

A list appears when you click the arrow in the Action column of the macro object tab.


Filtering the data in a pivor chart or pivor table by filtering one or more items from the fields that allow filtering!

So guys these were some of the main basic functions of ms access! Apart from this, if you start using ms access, then you will get information about many features and their usage!

So friends, hope that now you have got complete information about Microsoft Access, and you must have known what is MS Access? What is its use? how to use And how to download for free? All about MS Access In Hindi?

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