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What is Multimeter? How to use Multimeter? In this tutorial, what is multimeter and how to check electronics component using it (how to use multimeter in hindi), what is meant by different types of symbols made in multimeter and DC Voltage from multimeter Information on how to check AC Voltage, Continuity and Resistance is given.


Digital Multimeter It has an important role in the field of electronics. Multimeter is made up of two words, Multi + Meter = Multimeter, Multi means multiple and Meter means measure (measuring instrument) i.e. an instrument by which different types of measuring work can be done, it is called multimeter.

Using a multimeter, we can detect different types of faults in any electronics device and can also repair those faults. You can also check the battery using a multimeter.

Multimeter is used for cold testing and host testing in the field of electronics. So we can say that multimeter is an important tool for repairing any electronics device.

History of Multimeter

world’s first moving-pointer current-detecting device It was built in the year 1820. In which the work of measuring resistance and voltage was done using a Wheatstone bridge.

After that the first multimeter was invented in the 1920s, the credit of which goes to the British post office engineer Donald Macadie. Macadie invented a device that could measure Amperes (amps), volts and ohms, this multi functional meter meter was then called Avometer.

This Avometer included a moving coil meter, voltage and precision resistors, and switches and sockets for selecting the range.

Types of Multimeter – Types of multimeter

There are two types in the field of electronics multimeter Is used.

(1) Analog Multimeter
(2) Digital Multimeter

Nowadays most of the digital multimeter is used, so in this post we will know about digital multimeter, what is multimeter and how it is used. So let’s first know what is a multimeter.

What is Multimeter?

A multimeter is a device that is used to measure many physical quantities such as current, voltage, resistance, continuity, etc.).

Function of multimeter

(1) Display
(2) Button (Advance Multimeter has Button)
(3) Dial (Rotary Switch)
(4) Input Jack

How to use Multimeter? How To Use Multimeter?

(1) Check AC Voltage – To check AC voltage by multimeter, set the dial to check AC voltage as in the image below. In this range of multimeter, we can check AC from minimum 200 volt to maximum 700 volt.

(2) Check DC Voltage – To check DC voltage using multimeter, set the dial to check DC voltage as in the image below.

(3) Check Continuity – To check Continuity by multimeter, set the dial to check Continuity as in the image given below. This range of multimeter is also called Beep mode or Buzzer mode.

(4) Check Resistance – To check resistance through multimeter, set the dial to check resistance as shown in the image below.

Use of multimeter? Use Of Multimeter?

  • To check AC (Alternating Current).
  • To check DC (Direct Current).
  • To check Continuity.
  • To check resistance.


  • If we do not know how much voltage is getting on which and we have to check the voltage there, then the multimeter should always be set at high voltage.
  • After the work is over, the multimeter should be turned off.