What is mutual fund and how to invest in mutual fund?

Mutual Funds in Hindi (What is Mutual Fund and how to invest in Mutual Funds?): Hello Friends, Today we have brought a very interesting topic for you.

Have you ever heard of Mutual Funds?

Do you know what is Mutual Funds? If you are investing or doing your money, then you must have heard about Mutual Funds at some point or the other.

However, if seen, there are a lot of advertisements on TV too that invest on Mutual Funds and get more returns.

If you know, then no problem, today we will tell you about it in detail.

If someone comes to me and says, give me your money and I will double it in 2 years.’ So what will you do, I will just shut the door on that person.

Because if the truth had been so good, we would all be rich and stinky. Every day there is some financial fraud happening somewhere in the newspaper.

So how can I trust someone by giving me my money? If we want to become rich then we need to invest smartly.

Because girls, are capable of making much better financial decisions. If you do not have any knowledge about Mutual Funds today

So you must read this article till the last, after reading this article you will be 10 times smarter financially.

because today i will tell you

  • What are Mutual Funds and the Different Types?
  • How to choose the best mutual fund?
  • How to open your mutual fund account?

I will just give you the correct information. Like I educate my friends about investing.

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What is Mutual Fund? (Mutual Funds in Hindi)

The best investment option in today’s world is Mutual Funds. Mutual Funds collect money from people like us.He takes Rs 500 from me, 500 from you and makes a money pool.A fund manager then uses this pool i.e. our money to invest in Stocks, Bonds, Assets.

We don’t have to worry about where it is being invested, as the fund manager takes care of it For commissions of 1% to 2%.

If you want to invest long term then Mutual Funds(Wiki) is a great option because Your money will make more money for you, instead of living on a useless bank.

But how can I be sure that Mutual Funds are investing my money or not? it ain’t no sin

Mutual Funds are regulated by SEBI i.e. Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

That’s why your money remains 100% secure in it. However, if you have chosen a bad fund manager, Then he can lose your money by investing in bad stocks.

I’ll tell you what to do if it doesn’t happen. First, let’s learn about the different types of Mutual Funds.

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What are the Different Types of Mutual Funds?

There are 3 major types of Mutual Funds.

1. Equity Funds:

These Mutual Funds invest in stock, company shares. They are considered high risk, but they also give high returns.

2. Debt Funds:

These Mutual Funds invest in debt instruments like debentures, government bonds

They are safe investments, but their returns are also very low.

3. Hybrid Funds:

As the name suggests, they are a hybrid. They invest in both equity and debt. Could be 50%-50% or 70%-30%.

Their aim is to give you moderate returns at moderate risk.

Then there are lots of funds available like Sector Funds, Gilt Funds, Tax Saving Funds.

Which are pretty easy to understand, but for now, let’s stick to the basics.

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How to choose the best Mutual Fund? (How to Pick the Best Mutual Funds):

I think that we do not invest in Mutual Funds because, Because there are many in the market.

We don’t know which one to choose! So before you invest on Mutual Funds, you Remember these 5 things.

NO 1: If you want to invest for short term, say you want to invest like 1 year or 2 years.

Then you should never invest on Equity Funds.

You choose Debt Funds, Because they are less risky than Equity Funds.

Also they give more returns than the bank.

NO 2: If you want to invest in the long term, then you have 2 options.

a) Lump-Sum and

b) SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

Lump-Sum That is when you give a big amount i.e. invest more, For example, when you invest 1 lakh rupees together, then you have to choose it.

And after that comes SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). Where you can invest 1000 Rs or 2000 Rs every month.

That amount will go directly from your Savings Account to your Mutual Funds Accounts.

If you are new to Mutual Funds, then SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Is the best option.

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Which mutual fund to choose? (Which Mutual Funds to Pick):

They will be classified into 3 types.

  • Large Cap
  • Mid-cap and
  • Small Cap

1.Large Cap:

Large Cap Schemes invest in big companies which are already well established. Hence the risk is less in Large Cap.

2, Mid-Cap:

Mid cap schemes come with low risk but moderate returns.

3.Small Cap;

And Small Cap Scheme, also invest in small companies. That’s why they come with high risk but returns are also high.

If you are new to Mutual Funds, then I would suggest that you Choose a Mutual Fund that comes in the Large Cap Scheme.

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Before selecting Mutual Funds, check these parameters?

The parameters given below must be checked.

a) Returns: How much Mutual Funds have been created in the past.

Check their track record at least 10 years.

b) Expense Ratio : How much will that fund manager charge you to maintain your account.

It is usually between 1% and 3%.

c) Entry and Exit Load: To join and exit that scheme, definitely check the fees.

‘Index Funds’:

Friends, there is also a fund named Index Funds.

In Index Funds, you do not need a fund manager, hence the expense ratio in Index Funds is very low.

There is an investment advisor called Varun Malhotra and he strongly suggests that if you are new, you just NIFTY50 and Sensex Index Fund (Sensex index fund) Buy from

And personally, this is what I myself have invested in.

So these things you should keep in mind before choosing Mutual Funds.

So now we know how to open the account of Mutual Funds.

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How to Open a Mutual Fund Account? (How to Open a Mutual Fund Account?)

1. Select the mutual fund you want to choose Based on the 5 things we just discussed above.

2. Find out how much money you have to invest. Do SIP every month to meet your financial goals.

For that, we will use a SIP calculator.

Visit: www.sbimf.com

Let’s say in the next 15 years, you want to make Rs 1 crore. The average expected rate of returns for any Mutual Fund is around 16%.

Click on Calculate. That’s why you need to invest around 13K every month. For the next 15 years, to make Rs 1 crore.

You can also use the return value calculator.

In this calculator, we will first enter how much money you can invest every month. Let’s assume it is 2000/-

Let’s also assume that you will invest it for the next 10 years. As we know, the average expected rate of return for mutual funds is 16%.

Click on Calculate.

what is mutual funds in hindi
what is mutual funds in hindi

That means, when you will invest Rs 2,40,000/- Your expected accumulated wealth will be around 6 lakhs.

And if you invest Rs. 2000/- for the next 10 years.

I have omitted links to these calculators in the description.

The third thing you need to start a mutual fund account is a PAN card which is KYC compliant.

And finally, after doing these 3 things, you can either go to the branch office of that Mutual Fund

Or you can visit their website. All you need to do is enter your details, your SIP amount, tenure

And your account will be set up!

And all. All this is done to open a Mutual Fund account.

See, now I have given you all the information you need to start investing in Mutual Funds.

Now you tell me that you:

a) How much money can you invest in your SIP every month?

b) Which Mutual Fund is best for you?

And always remember, Mutual Funds investment Talking about, there is such an investment option,Which includes 0% Risk and 100% Returns.

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Mutual Fund Apps For Direct Investment:

1.Groww- Mutual Funds App:

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2.ETMONEY: Save ₹46,800 in tax via ELSS Mutual Funds:

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3.Zerodha Coin:

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4.KFinKart- Investor Mutual Funds:

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5.myCAMS Mutual Fund App:

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Friends, that was all on this article today. I hope you all must have got the information about what is mutual fund and how can you invest in mutual fund?

Friends, if you have ever had mutual; If you have not invested on funds, then my advice would be to read our article and start investing in the society.

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