What is Router, how many types are there?

Router which is very important for computer networks, those who know a little about networking, they must know that the router plays an important role in the network.

Those who want to know what the router is and how it works, then you have come to the right place, I will give you complete information about the router in this post.

What is a router?

In computer networks, data travels from one network to another in the form of packets. A router is a networking device that is designed in such a way that it receives and analyzes these data packets, after which those data packets are sent to the computer. Forward forward in the network, their job is to route the traffic between the network and the devices.

It connects one computer network to another computer network, the router itself does the job of connecting many computers and devices to the Internet.

Router also selects which is the best path/route to travel your information in computer network, it analyzes the data so that it can secure your data.

What is Internet Protocol?

Router Features

* Network Layer in Router OSI Model or Layer 3 works on

* It connects many networks to each other and works to send data from one network to another.

* Router provides a high-speed internet connectivity with the help of a variety of ports As- Fast-ethernet, STM link port etc.

* It is used in both local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) networks.

* The main components of the router are Central Processing Unit (CPU), Flash Memory, RAM Memory, Network and Interface Card etc.

* Routers are slightly more expensive than other networking devices such as Hub, Switch and Bridge, their popular manufacturers are Cisco, D-Link, Juniper and Nortel.

how does the router work

So far we have understood that the router works to send and receive data packets in the network, i.e., the router does the work of sending data from the source of the data to the destination through the network.

Whenever you send an email to someone or request to visit a website through your device, then this request is converted in the form of data packets and your router will analyze those data packets and IP address of the destination of that data packet. detects

After which it finds the next path for the data packet by checking it in the routing table and sends it forward in the network, after which that information reaches the next router and again the new router finds the shortest path and sends the data forward.

Similarly, in the data network, it reaches its destination by passing from one router to another router.

Where it also keeps updating its routing table based on network connectivity, which we call dynamic routing table.

What is the function of Router

The router mainly performs two functions

  • Forwarding
  • Routing

Let’s understand them a little better


The router receives the data packets through its input port after which it checks the headers of those packets where it performs some of its basic functions on that data.

And checks in the routing table that which is the best output port for those data packets, after which it sends the data to that output port.


Routing is the process through which the router finds out which path is best for the data packets to reach their destination, for this it maintains a routing table which is created by the router through many algorithms.

Now you must be thinking what is the routing table, whose router uses so much, so let’s understand it so that it can be understood very well.

what is routing table

By now you must have understood that the working of the router depends a lot on the Routing table stored in the router because in this table all the routes are there for the data packets to reach their destination.

Through this table, the router makes sure that which will be the best route to send the data packets, for this this table will be used for the device. IP address makes use of

There is also an internal memory inside the router, which we call random access memory, in which all the information of the routing table is stored.

There are two types of routing tables

  1. static table
  2. dynamic table

How many types of router are there (Types of router in Hindi)

There are many types of routers depending on their utility, about which you can read below.

Wireless Router

The wireless router is used for internet connectivity in the homes that we take, it provides Wi-Fi connectivity through which we use the internet in our smart phones, laptops, tablets and other Wi-Fi devices. able to

Apart from our homes, they are also used for wireless connectivity in the office, their range is from 150 feet to 300 feet.

You can think of it somewhat like a hot spot of your smartphone, where you can also control the password or the number of devices to secure your connection.

Broadband Router

This type of router is used more in the office than at home, these routers are used to provide high speed internet access to the desktop system, many of them Ethernet port happens

In which you can use the Internet by connecting one end of the LAN cable to your computer or laptop. Broadband router is setup by the Internet service provider.

As- bsnl broadband, Airtel

Edge Router

edge router low-capacity There are routers that work on the boundary of the network, it connects the internal network to the external network and is capable of transmitting data packets between networks.

It is the Border Gateway Protocol for connectivity (BGP) these are also called access routers

Core Router

Core routers are those routers that can route data within a network but are not able to route data between other networks. They help to link all the devices present in a network, hence they are called the backbone of the network. also say

Router Router

This router is made from the combination of Bridge and Router, it can transmit data between networks like a bridge and router, ie, it can also transfer data to particular devices within the network, its functionality makes it special.


For internet connectivity, you will have to use a router in some form or the other, without them it is difficult to imagine connectivity. After which you must have come to know a lot about the router.

Those who are interested in computer networking should know all this because small information about things is very useful if you liked the post, then share it with others.