What is SMD Coil? What is SMD Coil? paisanews

What is SMD Coil? What is SMD Coil? In this Lesson what is SMD coil | What is SMD Coil, types of smd coil, use of coil in circuit and how to check coil with multimeter has been explained.

Coil is an electrical component in which it stores energy in the form of a magnetic field when an electric current is passed. The ability of an inductor to store magnetic energy is called its inductance.

Coil is an important component in the mobile circuit. You will easily find this coil in every type of electronic device. The coil is used to filter, boost and sort the signal, and to do many other things.

Coil Mobile is available on PCB in light black and white color and light blue and white color. In this post, we will know about Coil, what is Coil (what is coil), how many types of coil are there in PCB (Type of coil) and how the coil is checked by multimeter.

Types of SMD Coil in PCB – Types of Coils in Mobile

(1) Normal Coil
(2) Boost Coil

(1) Normal Coil

How to check coil with multimeter? How to Check SMD Coil By Multimeter?

  • Set the Multimeter to Beep Mode and touch both the probes on both ends of the coil, if the sound of beep is heard then the coil is correct, if it does not come then the coil is bad.
  • Set the multimeter to 200 ohm, if the reading comes between 1.2 to 2.5 after touching the probe on both ends of the coil, then the coil is correct.

(2) Boost Coil

What is SMD Coil?  What is SMD Coil?

How to check boost coil with multimeter? How to Check Boost Coil By Multimeter?

Set Multimeter to Beep Mode – Touch to Black Probe and + to Red Probe If beep sounds then Coil is correct, if not then Coil is bad.

Uses of Coil in Circuit – Use of Coil in Circuit

  • Coil is used to sort the frequency.
  • To store energy.
  • To Boost Current.
  • For Impedance Matching.