What is YouTube? YouTube Se Paise Kaise Kamaye? ,


What is YouTube? What is the meaning of youtube? You probably don’t need to tell this but YouTube Se Paise Kaise Kamaye ? It is very important for you to know this.

That is because Youtube is such a medium in which you can create your account sitting at home for free and can earn lakhs of rupees a month comfortably without investing a single rupee.

If you are also looking for such a job sitting at home which will allow you to do the work of your choice and you can earn lakhs of months without investment, then in today’s time there are 4-5 such jobs such as:-

But in today’s article we will know what is YouTube and what are its uses? And how to earn money from youtube. YouTube Se Paise Kaise Kamaye ?

Ever since the Internet came in the world. Since then employment has become available online. On the Internet YouTube application Can you earn money sitting at home online?

Do you know YouTube How much can you earn from

If you know it’s good if you don’t know Blog Post Do read it. of today Blog Post What is YouTube? How to earn money from YouTube? We are going to tell through this article.

What is YouTube? Youtube what?

YouTube is a huge video sharing platform. youtube to paypal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen And Jawed Karim Together, all three have made YouTube.

YouTube was launched in the United States with the beta version in November 2005, after 1 year in 2006, Google 1.65 Billion have bought.

Google with such feature YouTube Updated to which today the whole world likes YouTube. In this you can watch videos of any category like Entertainment, Educational, Technology

Also in this you Channel You can also upload videos by making. Monetize with Google Ads online by sitting at home Earn can do.

For this Skill should be. If you do not have any skill, then you can learn skill on any one category and work hard, from here you can earn good money.

How does YouTube work?

Youtube is a video sharing platform that lets you watch videos on different categories, the kind of videos you want to watch, you can watch videos on YouTube for free.

, Neither does Youtube take money from users for watching videos nor for uploading videos from creators but the ads that are seen on YouTube videos.

YouTube takes the money for those ads from its advertisers and shares it with its creator who makes videos on YouTube.

just at this time YouTube very big Search Engine The platform is done.

If you search technology topic again and again on youtube Suggestion I always see the same videos.

on Youtube Automatically Video Promote becomes. to rank videos on youtube Alt Tag, Title And Description Should be in the right way. The category you created will appear at the top of your video.

Choose the right topic for YouTube channel?

If you are making a channel on YouTube. Own Niche can be made accordingly. But many people make them on which more channels have been made.

you over here Check How much competition is there in this niche because you will make a channel no matter how much Quality Content Make sure that you will not be able to rank quickly on YouTube. so this topic Find Do people like to watch but the channel is less.

How to make a channel on YouTube?

Creating a channel on YouTube is an easy task. Channel There is no need to invest even ₹ 1 to make it, you can make it absolutely free. Step by step given below Points Follow the

1. To create a channel on YouTube, first Gmail ID Should be.

2. you on google www.youtube.com Search and click on the first link.

3. YouTube will open in front of you Right Side In Gmail ID Icon will appear, click on it and click on Create a channel option.

youtube account creation

4. You can upload profile here Add channel name But you can enter the name of your choice and click on the icon Create Channel Button has to be selected. Your YouTube channel will be created.

upload image

5. Everything does not end here. for your channel Logo If you have created then you have to upload with it a little bit about your channel. Description have to write.

How to Upload Video to YouTube?

You must have learned how to make a youtube channel now Videos You are going to learn how to upload, this work is also very easy. Step have to understand.

1. You have to open your YouTube channel, first you will show 3 options above Video Click on the icon and select Upload Video.

upload video

2. just Upload Videos page of Select File Click on to upload the video.

video upload on youtube channel

3. Many options will appear in front of you, complete each one correctly.

Title: The topic on which you have made the video Video Related Give a good title.

Description: You have to write a short description about your video or you can also give Affiliate Link.

Thumbnail: Thumbnail must have been created for the video, remember to upload it Image Of Size 2mb should be less than

Play List: If you make a video series on any one category, then you can use the playlist.

channel detail

4. After filling all your details, if you want to publish the video immediately, then you can choose the first option. if after a while Unlisted can click on. If Time if you want to do “Set as instant premiere” You can use.

setup youtube channel

in low budget YouTube how to make video on,

YouTube Feather Quality Content Post We do. There should be video quality with it. Look, not everyone is a rich person, in the beginning, you have to make quality videos by juggling. when from youtube Earning will start happening then Camera, Expensive mic can buy.

1. Smart Phone

At present, everyone uses a smartphone. if you have 15k to 20k Till the phone is there, then their camera quality is good. With its help you can make videos so you Camera setting has to be corrected.

2. Mic

ring light cheapest Trypod And Light In this you can set the stand according to your own. Adjust can also do. At present, YouTubers mostly use Ringlight. You will get it from 300 to 500 in the market, apart from this, it is available on Amazon, Flipkart, it is a bit expensive.

What are the things to keep in mind on YouTube?

1. Gmail ID is required to create a channel on YouTube.

2. Most importantly youtube channel name Viewer You have to keep it so that it is easy to understand and say.

3. good way to make the channel professional Logo Design it.

4. Against YouTube’s guide lines YouTube Channel But don’t make videos Your channel may be closed forever.

5. If you get the mail of tree promotion then you have to check Fake is or Real Is.

6. If you definitely send a link on Gmail on the pretext of a Paid Promotion and you open that link and type the password, then you get access to your channel and the channel Hack It happens.

7. on video Copyright Free Use music.

8. starting Video Share more on social media.

How to earn money from YouTube?

Youtube what? or YouTube Se Paise Kaise Kamaye ? You can earn from Online Earning Blogging and YouTube by sitting at home. You have to work hard on both these platforms. If you start blogging and running YouTube channel then you can earn lakhs of rupees. That’s why you have to work hard.

Will tell you how to earn money from YouTube, but started yesterday and money will start coming in 2 days, it does not happen if you are thinking like this, then do not start YouTube at all. for this you Patience It is necessary to keep and work every day for 6 to 8 months. then on the channel Views Will start coming. Read some of the points given below, here tell you different ways, how to earn money from YouTube.

1. Google AdSense:

You must have seen the video on YouTube in the middle of the beginning of the video. Google AdS Certainly appear. if you Google AdS show on the channel YouTube Partnership To Join have to do Google Adsense account created,

some of google for this Terms and Conditions Is 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Watch Hours 1 within the year Complete Then you will get Google Adsense approval.

Google AdSense related important things have been told, definitely read.

If you monetize with Google Adsense, then do not watch videos on your YouTube channel from your own phone, in this affair your Adsense account will be permanently banned.

If you like Channel 5k Subscribers even if Sponsorship you always get Subscribers You get money accordingly. As the channel’s growth increases, you 50k From 100k You can earn from sponsorship till.

3. Channel Promotion

There are small channels on YouTube, they have good contact but Views Do not come. That’s why you can charge a lot by promoting those channels.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Marketing has become the best. this marketing YouTube but not only Blogging, Social Media You can earn lakhs of rupees by doing this in many places. Here on the topic on which the video is being made Affiliate Marketing In addition, on the product Review Make a video and give the link in the description, if someone Product If you buy then you will definitely get commission.

Benefits of YouTube

1. YouTube But you can become successful in less time.

2. YouTube Get famous quickly.

3. You can earn money sitting at home online.

4. YouTube You get knowledge for free.

5. YouTube on his own Boss are there.

Disadvantages of YouTube

1. YouTube But if there is one channel, then one cannot be completely dependent.

2. YouTube But not everyone earns lakhs of rupees.

3. YouTube with small mistakes Google AdSense become disabled.

When and how do I get paid on YouTube?

YouTube Earning money is not such an easy task. Because sometimes it takes 2 to 3 years to earn the first dollar. Created a channel on youtube Monetize To have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Time then you Google AdSense can earn money from.


1. How much is youtube 1 day earning?

If you see the income of 1 day, then you earn more than $ 4 crore in 1 year.

2. How to Increase YouTube’s 1000 Subscriber

for this you Trending Topic But the videos have to be made but the videos should be useful then people will subscribe to your channel.

3. What is the right time to upload a video to YouTube?

If you can upload videos from 8 to 11 in a day and from 7 to 10 in the evening, you are more active at this time.

Who owns YouTube?

Now Youtube is owned by Google Company but it was not started by Google, there were three people who started it, whose names were Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley.


Youtube what? YouTube Se Paise Kaise Kamaye? Tell you all the ways how to earn money from YouTube, hope you must have come to know.

YouTube is a very big platform, I have changed the lives of many people from here. you right too Way I have to work, one day we will definitely become successful, we only want that the user should get the right information and our Blog Post If you like the article, then definitely share it with your friends.

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