What to do if the mobile speaker is bad? How to check? paisanews

What to do if the mobile speaker is bad? How to check? It has been told in this tutorial that How to check speaker with multimeter | problems and solutions and solutions and how the speaker can be repaired, and Circuit Diagram of Speaker has also been given.

During a call in a mobile phone, the speaker is the only device through which we can hear the voice. Speaker plays an important role in any mobile phone. If the speaker of the mobile gets damaged then there will be no sound during the call. Speaker in Mobile Phone works to convert Electronic Sound into Voice. Speaker is also called Earpiece, it is mounted on the top of the mobile PCB. In this section we will know the speaker’s problem and its solution.

Speaker malfunctions – Speaker Problem

  • No sound from speaker during call.
  • Slow voice coming from the speaker.
  • There is no clear sound from the speaker.

Checking Speaker with Multimeter – check a speaker by multimeter

To check Speaker Point in Mobile PCB with Multimeter, touch Red Probe on Ground and Black Probe on Speaker Point. If the meter reads from 250 to 600, then the speaker’s supply is OK. If 1 comes then it is Open. If the sound of Beep comes then it is Short.

To check the speaker, touch the multimeter on both the probes, if the beep is accompanied by a reading of 25 to 32 ohms, then the speaker is OK.

After hot testing on the speaker in PCB, 0.5 to 2.5 volt comes.

Speaker’s Problem Solution – Speaker Problem Solution

  1. Check volume level in mobile.
  2. Clean the speaker point on the PCB plate. Resold if it is wired.
  3. Check by installing a new speaker.
  4. Do cold testing on this, if reading does not come, then tracing the speaker section, may be some component has been opened, there may be shorting.
  5. Rehot audio IC, if audio IC is not there then check UEM IC.
  6. Rehot CPU.

Circuit Diagram of Speaker


The circuit of the speaker is shown in the diagram above, this is a common circuit of the speaker, different mobile phones may have more or less components in the speaker line, it depends on the company that makes that mobile. . This diagram is only to explain the supply of speaker to you people.