WhatsApp Se Paise Kaise Kamaye (Top 6 Smart Ways)


today Facebook more people than WhatsApp In today’s era, chatting, sharing videos and photos is very common on WhatsApp. Nowadays, groups of different friends and relatives remain on WhatsApp, so that people can often stay connected with each other.

today World’s Top Messaging App for WhatsApp It is included in because the use of WhatsApp is increasing day by day. But do you know that you are paise kama sakte through WhatsApp. If you don’t know, you have come to the right place because we are here today. nkmonitor I am going to tell in this post that WhatsApp Se Paise Kaise Kamaye,

WhatsApp se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Today the times are changing and the inflation is also increasing day by day. Due to which the price of every item is gradually touching the sky and along with this the competition in the business field is increasing everywhere and getting a job is becoming very difficult.

In today’s technology-filled era, we do all our work online, whether it is shopping or any other work, so today all the work is easily done sitting at home. In such a situation, earning money through the Internet is a very good option, today there are many such works on the Internet, through which we Ghar baithe online money earn can.

But now the question arises here, should we sit at home? how to earn money online But now there is nothing to worry, because today we have brought a new idea in front of you, with the help of which you can earn money sitting at home. Yes, in today’s era WhatsApp is a good option, so that you can earn money sitting at home so let’s know WhatsApp se paise kaise kamaye Jaate Hain.

WhatsApp Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

To earn money from WhatsApp, first of all you need a good Smartphone is required. If you have a good Android Smartphone, then you must first install WhatsApp in it. However, nowadays WhatsApp is already installed in everyone’s phone.

after that you have your own Gmail Account It is necessary to have high speed internet connection and with this there should be many WhatsApp groups in your WhatsApp, then it is also necessary to have many WhatsApp numbers, which nowadays there are many WhatsApp numbers in everyone’s phone.

Always keep this in mind that the more WhatsApp group and WhatsApp number you have, the more it will help in earning money from WhatsApp, so you need to join many WhatsApp groups.

If you do not have many WhatsApp groups then it does not matter because you will have many WhatsApp numbers. That’s why you can create a WhatsApp Group or Broadcast from WhatsApp Number, and remember that you can message 256 members in a broadcast simultaneously, so do WhatsApp messages from different broadcasts. After following these rules given above, you can start earning money from WhatsApp.

Let us know, what else will you have to do for Paisa kamane from WhatsApp.

1. Link Shortening

If you also have Marketing Technic or you also have the ability to convince customers with your Marketing Technic, then you too can join the program related to it on WhatsApp and through your Technique Approach and Contacts on WhatsApp every month. You can earn a good amount.

Often we share many links on WhatsApp with our friends and relatives every day, some of which are of virtual videos on the Internet. Some entertainment information etc. Most of the links are to YouTube videos. If you want to earn money through this link, then you have to monetize these links first.

Link Monetize can be done through URL shortening, then share this short link in your WhatsApp Group and Contact, then after every 1000 clicks, you will be paid some amount by WhatsApp, this amount depends on the country where Link is being opened.

2. Affiliates Marketing

There are many such e-commerce companies here, which Affiliate Marketing offers. With the help of which you can earn a good amount every month, but first of all you have to join an Affiliate Program, for which you will have to singup with all your account details and after logging in, you can enter the details of any product. Copy and paste it in your WhatsApp contacts, groups and every time any of your relatives or friends buy any product by opening the link sent by you, you will get some amount of that purchased product as a commission. But gets it.

3. PPD Network

One of the best ways to earn a decent amount of cash is Pay Per Dawnload, for which you need to monetize all your digital content, all you need to do is upload the stuff to the PPD website and copy the link to share with your WhatsApp Contacts. And can be any digital content like App, Media Files or even a survey so every time a visitor comes and tries to download the file, he/she has to complete the survey before downloading and the website. Will pay a fixed amount after every successful dawnload.

4. Referral Program

It is possible that your friends or relatives must have sent a link to any app at any time. In which after doing Singup you would have got some money and then after sending that link to others, if that other person downloaded that app from the link given by you, you would have got the money, this sequence continues like this and This cycle is called Referral Program.

There are many such types, you will easily find them in the Google Play store such as Paytm Or after logging on to Google App, you get some money, similarly today a Fantasy Cricket App ie dream11 After joining, you get about ₹ 100 in it, if you send this link to other people and the person in front joins it, then you get 50 to ₹ 100 from it.

5. Paid Promotion

Money can also be earned in WhatsApp by Paid Promotion, nowadays every big company wants to take its service and product to the people. digital marketing taking help. You can also do digital marketing through WhatsApp. If you have a WhatsApp group or WhatsApp number, then you can promote any product in that group and also get money from the company for that.

Let us know what you will have to do for promotion, first of all you have to promote the App, then you can also do Local Business Promotion, you can also do Website or Blog Promotion, you can also promote on YouTube channel and Facebook or Facebook Group. You can also go and promote in me.

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6. WhatsApp Selling

You can also earn money from WhatsApp by selling your stuff. If you have your own business then you can spread your business using WhatsApp. For which you have to download WhatsApp App Business. WhatsApp also launched its own WhatsApp Business App to increase business, a powerful and best way to connect your business with people and find people who can buy your stuff on WhatsApp.


We hope that you like this post of today WhatsApp Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Like must have come. Whenever you want, you can do business on WhatsApp sitting at home and you can earn good money as well. If you liked the article, then share it and you can ask us by commenting for any question or suggestion.,

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